Can an Aussie Hermes expert help me out?!

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  1. Sorry to intrude with such a boring question; but I was wondering if anyone from Australia can tell me the price of a PM and MM Picotin in a grained leather like Clemence or Togo?

    I feel bad going into the store too much and making the doorman open the door for me when I can't even really afford to buy a bookmark..!

    THANK YOU! :heart:
  2. hi there!
    used to live downunder, i dont have any ideas re prices for Picotin, but i think instead of you going into the store, you might call in and ask the store regarding to their pricing.
    i'm sure they will be more than happy to help.
  3. Hi

    I am english
    I think the prices are much the same worldwide
    Hey dont you dare feel overawed to walk through that Hermes door

    Be proud your as important and as much an important part of the human race as anyone!
    Millionaire or pauper it matters not!
    You walk in there head high young lady or else aunty ardneish will tell you off

  4. Shari - will PM you after I call tomorrow....
  5. Thanks GF! I am a wuss I know.
  6. ^no, you're not!

    When I was 16, I used to call the store to hear what they said when they answered the phone, so I knew how to correctly pronounce "Hermes" when the time came for me to visit! LOL! My french teacher told me the incorrect way....probably why my french is so bad.
  7. That's because the Hermes family doesn't pronounce it the correct French way. I think they use a combination of French and Greek pronunciation, or so I read somewhere.
  8. haha GF, I just read what you last wrote - don't be ashamed, at least you weren't 26 and doing it! :oh:

    There is an old statue at uni of the Greek God 'her-mees' and it does get a bit confusing at times. I would love to hear how the Hermes family pronounced it!
  9. Just like with English names, french names aren't always pronounced according to the common rules of pronounciation of the language. Hermes is a good example. ^_^