Can AMODEX ink and stain remover be used on a paddington?

  1. Have any of you ever used Amodex Ink and Stain remover on a paddington? If so, how did it come out? This would be an old, stray ballpoint ink mark, very faint, about one inch long. My inclination is to just "live with it" but I wonder if anything actually works. It's not a new stain, probably there for quite a while, but I just noticed it...very light, but it's definitely there.
  2. Not on a bag, on my cream leather couch and the ink came out brilliantly and leather is perfect.

    I would do a really tiny patch test on a part of the leather that is hidden if you are going to use it on your bag, I am sure it will be fine- but much better to be really safe than sorry!