Can all you Chanel Experts ID this bag?

  1. I was given this bag from a girlfriend (bag has burgundy colored stitching) -- Can someone tell me the make/model and year this bag came out......I believe it's a design flaw because the clasps is on the outside pocket so when you hold the bag on the shoulders there are obvious stretch marks...I want to take it to Chanel to get it fixed or replaced....Chanel says they will fix it but because of the location of the clasp, the same thing will happen to the new bag, any advice would be helpful.
    Chanel handbag 002.jpg Chanel handbag 004.jpg Chanel handbag 005.jpg Chanel handbag 016.jpg
  2. Do you know the hologram number? That should at least give us a time frame of when it's from. It looks to be several years old, so I'm not sure if it came from a ligne with a name or not.

    Odd design flaw...I'm not sure if I understand it correctly, but would stuffing the front pocket help at all? Hopefully somebody else will have some better advice.
  3. Hi there, the number is 7118133. I know it's hard to envision the bag through the photos but stuffing it won't help -- the clasp should not have been on the outside pocket - if the pocket was flat, i don't think it would pull but as you can see through the photos, the pocket pulls out and thus the pulling happens even if i don't put anything in the bag just the gravity and the weight of the chain handle pulls -- it's hideous, i've contacted chanel but they said they would only fix it since the bag is old (they suspect 2003) -- i told them that even if they fixed it, the same thing will happen again. i've contacted corporate office and am waiting to hear from them.
  4. Right, it would be from 2002-2003 based on the 7-series hologram number. Good luck with Chanel. I highly doubt they'll do anything because of the age of the bag and the fact it's on its second owner. They took back the modern chain bags because of a design flaw but I doubt they would take one back in 5 years because a plastic link finally broke. I had to bring in a bag to get its strap fixed after it broke barely a yr. after purchase and they are charging me $80. It barely had anything in it and was hardly ever used so it was definitely a flaw with the bag. They don't have great customer support for the price you pay for their bags in my book, so I hope it works out for you.
  5. I agree, the chanel stores are not so agreeable. The corporate office "seems" to be a bit more cooperative -- they said that they want to make me happy and resolve this matter so we shall see. This bag was a gift to me so they know me as the only owner -- I definately think this is a design flaw. Thanks for your help.