Can all this fit?

  1. Okay I am interested in a legacy shoulder bag. I heard that they are small but after seeing some modeling pics I am thinking it is not as small as people make it out to be. Can I fit: a large wallet, medium cosmetic case, cell phone, ipod nano and a planner and still have a little room? Pics of the inside of your bags are welcome!
  2. I don't have pics of stuff inside my shoulder bags, but yes.. I think all that could fit depending on how big the planner is. I can fit a lot in my shoulder bags, and to *me* the drop on the shoulder bag isn't that much different than the Leigh:shrugs:
  3. ashdir103104, I have a Legacy Shoulder bag and a couple of Leighs, and I can carry the same stuff in all of them. Their sizes are quite comparable to one another, so go for it!!!:tup:
  4. Ashdir, I have a clay shoulder bag and while I don't have pics, I just tried to fit my version of what you asked into my clay bag. I got my gunmetal stripe accordion wallet, my crimson stripe medium cosmetic case, my ipod mini, cellphone and my LV damier pocket agenda into my clay bag. It was a tight fit at the bottom, but room at the top. I think that it would depend on how big your planner was ... my pocket agenda is fairly small and thin (no rings).

    I love shoulder bags and you should definitely pick one up.
  5. Ashdir, I use this choco siggy Legacy shoulder bag daily and here are the contents everyday--an envelope wallet, checkbook, cosmetic case, a small card case, folding brush/mirror, cell phone, misc stuff in the pockets and in the outside pocket my keys. And there are lots of room to spare but I usually don't fill her up as I don't want the bag to be too heavy. The other outside slip on pocket is also handy for paper and the like. The Legacy shoulder bag so far is my favorite of the Legacy line as the size is just right for, not too big or small. At first I thought it was going to be heavy on my shoulders but so far, no pain at all. Hope that helps and enables you, too!
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