Can a woman wear a men's wallet?

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  1. I am wondering if it would look totally odd. I saw a men's wallet I really liked, a Gucci wallet, that is like the flap over style I guess. Standard double bill fold, credit card slots and coin area, then folds in half down the middle. It was a good deal, so I ordered it. I was thinking I can give it to my husband. But, he has a money clip he prefers, so I thought maybe I could use it.

    Would that work? or be totally odd, whipping a man's wallet out in stores?

  2. Go for it. People would most likely only see it when you take it out of your purse for like 5 minutes when you pay for something. If anyone cares that much, it's their problem. You like it, you think it's cute, you should use it. :smile:
  3. It all depends on your style I guess. I personally couldn't do it - I need my big, long, flap wallet.
  4. Would you take it out of a bag or would you keep it in your back pocket? Personally, carrying a wallet in a pocket isn't for me, but it is convenient for many people. And I, too, am addicted to my long zippy wallet, so that pretty much confines me to women's wallets and a bag to carry them in!
  5. yes of course!!!!
  6. I think it is totally fine. I think I am the weird one because I think Gucci make cute men's tennis shoes that I would want to wear.
  7. I have borrowed my DH wallets in the past. I think if you like it then you should get it!
  8. thanks! I ordered it already, but was rethinking it. I am just going to give it a go.
    I'd carry it in my purse, not in my pocket. I just never thought to do that, but hey, why not..all for fashion. LOL
  9. I don't see why not!
    I love the look of the Gucci men's wallet!
  10. I think you should wear whatever wallet you want! :smile:
  11. No. Women cannot wear a men's wallet. On the other hand, you can own one, hold one and use one, but wearing one might be difficult.

  12. the only thing i dont like about mens wallets, is that they dont snap shut IME. i cant fit them into my pocket, and they open up in the purse.
  13. I'm so happy that you ordered it! I had a thread related to women and money clips. I was so happy when I purchased one! :smile: If you like it, go for it!
  14. thanks all!!
  15. Definitely. :yes:

    I really like men's wallets for use inside bags, as they're often HW free.