Can a wear this to a wedding? Rehearsal Dinner?

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  1. I think it depends on the crowd, time of day and how big your boobs are :smile:

    I love the dress!
  2. Hahahaha, rowdy crowd but still southerners, so they can be a bit proper, if that's the right word. Night time wedding and late rehearsal dinner. 34C, so not HUGE but not insignificant -- Hahahaha! I mean, it's the first weekend of Mardi Gras, I feel like there has to be some leniency attached to that.
  3. And thank you, I'm obsessed with the dress :love:
  4. I'll be very honest - the dress is stunning, but it doesnt say wedding to me. That being said, if you dont mind every set of eyes checking you out rather than the bride, go for it. Not because its risque, but because it is very sexy.
  5. I like the dress, but I have to agree that I wouldn't find it appropriate for a wedding unless there was a wrap or jacket or cardigan over it. It is definitely a "look at me" dress, which would compete with the bride.
  6. i would wear that dress to a wedding. i don't see anything wrong with it, and its gorgeous. paired with CLs it would be tdf.
  7. I would totally wear that dress to a wedding! However, I would wear something more conservative to the rehearsal dinner...
  8. That dress is AMAZING! I would wear it to a wedding in Nola for sure! I mean it is the beginning of Mardi Gras AND will more than likely look modest compared to some who will be only too happy to show ther T*&S!!!!
  9. I agree. But, if you paired it with a cute cardi or shrug, I think it would be beautiful - the length is very appropriate IMO.
  10. agree with a jacket or shawl.
  11. If you have big boobs then refrain due to spillage. I think it's cute though, maybe pair it with a black blazer or a cardigan and some Louboutins!
  12. That is a fantastic dress! I think since it's an evening wedding, you can get away with it but you'll need to wear a cashmere shrug or small cocoon cardigan. Also, I wouldn't go all out with jewelry...the dress already commands attention, KWIM? I am assuming that when you wear it, there's not a good amount of cleavage/boob-age. IMHO if there's a good amount of cleavage/boob-age, the dress becomes more of a party-flashy dress rather than a sexy elegant dress.
  13. I think it's a stunning dress but not appropriate for wedding.