Can a sz 226 reissue fit all this???

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  1. Ok gals, am definitely sure I want a sz 226 reissue but I need to know for sure that it can hold all my stuff. Here's what I usually carry:-

    1) Cell phone - Nokia 6280
    2) Fat Anna Sui wallet (it's not long just fat)
    3) Blotter, 3 tubes of lipstick and lipgloss
    4) ZA pressed powder compact
    5) Ipod Video
    6) Packet of tissues

    Ok these are my absolute essentials, if it can fit anything more would be a bonus (but I seriously doubt it). I can force all these items into my Dior Saddle, but not sure if they would all fit into the 226 reissue. Can anyone help??
  2. The 226 is rather small. I think your bag would be
    bulging and hard to close.
  3. Thanks Michele! Oh no...Then I'd better get rid of the fat wallet or opt for a size 227! I was hoping I wouldn't have to, I find the 227 too big for me. :crybaby:
  4. the 226 is only one inch bigger than the med/large i think its not really gonna fit all of your essential nicely...
  5. I agree -- it's not that big (and I have this bag). I don't carry mine much because it doesn't hold enough. I can't bring myself to get rid of it though.....
  6. I have a long and fat gucci guccissima wallet that i use all the time and it doesn't even fit in the 226. The 227 is closer to jumbo size but flatter and the drop is shorter than a jumbo flap, kwim? I'm leaning towards getting a 227 in the metallic black as I want to use my reissue for daily wear now (the only reissues i have are bordeaux and dark silver both in 225)
  7. I think it will be too small to fit all your necessities. The 227 will definitely fit.
  8. you gotta change a fat wallet to a long one and leave the ipod and some lipsticks at home.

    I think it would be a better idea to get a 227.
  9. Oh ... I am glad that I read all these comments about how much a 226 can carry, I was deciding between a 226 and 227 but finally settled for 227. same as absolutanne, I have a 225 that will take care of my night outings... Yeah.... 227 here I come!!

    Thank you guys....
  10. Thanks a lot gals! I suppose I'd better opt for a 227 then, although I do find it too big..
  11. HI Shiny_hair, it depends on if you intend to use this bag as an everyday bag, if not you can still get the 226 if you are not usually a 'big bag' girl...
  12. I think a fat wallet will make your reissue in 226 fat too. Plus your ipod video. I got rid of my old ipod and changed it into ipod nano before because I changed my bags too into small hanbags. LOL.

    OT: IceEarl! What can you put inside your 225???
  13. Errr.... I haven't used my 225 yet, maybe next week, I'll let you know..:smile:
  14. i'm not IceEarl (heh) but here's an answer to that question-- i was actually quite amazed at how much i managed to fit into my 225:
    i don't carry a wallet when using the 225, instead i pop a few notes & credit cards into a slim credit card holder. i'm able to fit that, my motorola razr mobile, keys, digital camera, and a pouch holding 2 lip glosses, 2 concealers, blotters, mirror, comb, eyedrops, travel sized blush and blush brush, MAC eyeshadow pot, pen, small notepad... im sure there are quite a few more smallish items in that pouch! And yes these ALL FIT into the 225, its a tight fit for sure but it still all fits :tup:
  15. wow nightshade, I am impressed!!!! It's good to hear, ya, i figured I should not carry my LV wallet when using the 225 too.... fat wallet is usually the "culprit" haha...

    Shiny's one good option for you...