Can a Speedy be repaired

  1. Hello all. I am needing some help. I have a vintage LV speedy 25 that I use as my eveyday bag. Well, I just bought the white Eliza. I sold my Montsouris MM to help fund. (Although not too sad to part with it since it was a pain to get in and out of.)

    Now, I am thinking of selling my speedy. However, there are worn spots on the outside corners. Can this be repaired? I called my SA at Saks and she said no. However, i was told to take it to a shoe repair place & they could fix it. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think you can sell it as is and have the buyer worry about repairing it.:idea:
  3. Are you talking about the piping or the canvas?
  4. The canvas
  5. I don't think much can be done about canvas that is wearing through. You can't patch it and replacing it would be cost-prohibitive and LV wouldn't even touch it.

    The shoemaker would probably patch it from the inside with a non-thread type patch.

    I agree with LV addict - sell it as is! Sounds like it's time to retire it anyways! Congrats on your Eliza!
  6. Thanks. I think I will do the "as is." It was a good bag and hopefully it will bring someone else joy!
  7. If you do this it will void LV's warantee, and they will fail to recognize it as theirs. They won't touch a piece that's been "tampered" with :shocked:
  8. wow, queli finally made it over here. hola!
  9. everything can be made if you bring back the bag
  10. Non Louis Vuitton repairs significantly hamper the value of a bag. Sell it as-is and price it accordingly.
  11. Definitely Sell "As Is"...
  12. Sell as is - Speedys are sold on ebay all the time in worse condition. A lot of people are happy to have the bag at a significant discount!