Can a spa at H boutique remove scratches on vintage Box Kelly?

  1. Hi... Yes. Scratches were polished n til it looked new n they even stick plastic sticker on the hardware.
  2. My pleasure. :smile:
  3. I think you have made the right decision, yes, some scratches and marks can be improved greatly on box calf, but some scratches that are deep, although they might be blended in somewhat, cannot be removed and are permanent. There are quite a few stories here about bags that have gone in for spa at Hermes with deeper scratches and the owners have been disappointed that they haven't been able to remove them. Best to spend out on a bag which is right to begin with, there are lots of black box Kellys out there in fantastic condition, even vintage bags, don't settle and hope the bag can be brought up to scratch, sometimes they can't. My best advice is any bag you buy, make sure you are happy with all aspects of it before you pull the trigger. I would hate to see you buy a bag and then you are unhappy because those marks won't come out.

    Keep looking, the right bag will appear soon!
  4. Agree here.. these scratches appear to be quite deep.. not sure that

    one would happy with the spa outcome as they are in the front & visible..

    best to wait for a better condition & perhaps where not so many scratches

    appear on the front of the bag..JMHO
  5. No, those scratches in the front are too deep to be removed. I had my sent to Spa at H and I had deep scrathes like yours, it could not be completely removed.

    As for the dry areas at the back, i think it could be help. If you want try treated at home first and here is the thread on vintage H leather. You can treat box at home Docride is great resource.
  6. My advice is to send for a Hermes spa first then DIY at home. Reason being irregardless of the outcome of the scratches on the Kelly, by sending to Hermes spa first, Hermes will try their best to recondition the bag and on top of that, will clean up the Kelly of any dirt within and exterior. I'm anal to bacteria, etc especially being a Vintage Kelly hence I always believe in sending to a spa first for a thorough cleaning.

    Then, once the condition sets in, you will then be in a better position to condition the Kelly using Docride's methods and the post-effects will then be better.;)
  7. Here is a general rule to think about. If the scratch is deep enough to show white underneath, it can be camouflaged, but not repaired. You will always feel it, but it will not show, because it will be covered over. Your enemy (and mine) is dryness. I've had a (circle with A) box kelly done twice within a month due dryness on the shoulder strap.
    Ask the seller to photograph the flap as it opens and closes look for wrinkles or cracking appearance. You will be able to see it. In this case, wrinkles -- good; cracks, no so much.
  8. Thank you, everyone, for your input. I have decided to give this bag a miss but it's great to learn about what can and cannot be done - great for future reference.
  9. LOL. I am a bit of a germaphobe myself so good to know that H boutiques can help sanitise bags. Do you happen to know how they do it and also how does one do it at home? I've bought a couple of secondhand H bags and would love to satinise them but am afraid to do anything for fear of ruining them.
  10. You might want to post your questions on vintage care to docride in the vintage thread. She's a wonderful encyclopedia on these stuff.
  11. Thank you. I shall do that.
  12. Dear IFFAH, your comments about bacteria resonated with me too! I do confess that with bags I have bought that were not new from the Boutique I have always wiped down the interior with anti bacterial wipes. I do it quickly so as not to over moisten the bag, and repeat if I feel it is needed. I like to know the bag is clean.

    Another germaphobe here, remember the movie "Contagion"?
  13. Home-wise, the only option will be the anti-bacterial wipes because anything more, it'd be subjected to either the bag will turn out for the better or worse.:smile:

    At Hermes, they will clean up your bag in the basin and they have all the equipments specially for the bag. I can't recall remember the details and processes but there are 4 Hermes steps that every Hermes bag will go through when sent for a spa. First, to do a thorough cleaning. Secondly, touching up followed by repairing and finally, polishing.

    Haha!:ghi5: I remember the movie! Contagion, lol.

    Mr Jude Law:p
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  14. Wow some of the before and after photos are incredible. I just purchase a 1971 black box kelly so it will definitely be taking a trip to the spa. And I will post some pictures. Thanks for all the input ladies!
  15. All I can say is depends. Cuz I own a Kelly in box. After spa, the box seems brand new,but of u look carefully u will see the scar