Can a skirt like this be tailored?

  1. Like two sizes down? Just wondering if this could be done with a skirt like this?

  2. Hi Katerina

    My mom is a seamstress (hope spelled right) ... she makes dresses and clothes for women ... I know that tailoring 2 size down just not advisable ... basically like starting from all over again ... the lining on the side won't be so clean ...
  3. I don't really sew but I've been told by a tailor that up to 2 sizes is usually OK. If you have the item, you may want to take it in for a quote.

    If it's an item you have and love, you may want to use it as a pattern and have a copy made if it's too much to take in.
  4. My mom is a seamstress also and I'll get her to look at this photo then get back to you.

    but as another member posted it seems like it would be lined and everything and so it'll probably be quite difficult as the waist and everything was cut at one size, so flipping it inside out and removing a bit would mean altering so much.
  5. I sew a little, and from my experience, this would be difficult to size down. It looks like you'd have to take out the zipper cause you need to take it in from the sides then put it back in once it's made smaller. I wouldn't recommend doing this. If the zipper was in the back, it would be easier.
  6. so cute. I think it would be really expensive to tailor down 2 sizes. I would just try and find another in your size.
  7. It is so easy to be tailored.