Can a shoulder-bag girl learn to love a Speedy?

  1. I have two little kids, so I like hands-free, but I have falled for the Mirage Noir Speedy. Assuming I could even find one, how convenient is this bag to carry?
  2. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old....I've been using a speedy since I was pregnant with the 5 year old. You just learn to manage, I guess. I used to be a shoulder bag girl and now I'd never go back!!
  3. of course you can
  4. i did! and now i can't go back!
  5. I've been wondering the same- suddenly I am seeing speedys everywhere and I am in :heart:!!! So classic! But...I have a toddler....I need all the hands I can get!!!! I think I am going to drool on some LV tomorrow.....:nuts:
  6. Oh sure!! You just learn to put it in the crook of your arm and go. When I'm carrying my speedy, I don't even realize it's there anymore!! (P.S. I have 2 small boys, too, and have no problems at all!)
  7. I was always shoulder bag only, but I now have a speedy 25 and a trouville too! I love the crook of the arm elegant and chic! I guess you just get used to it...
  8. I used to be shoulder bag only... til I got my speedy! Now sometimes it feels weird to carry a shoulder bag. I just got used to it after awhile.. and especially in crowds its nice to have it close by my side and right in my hand. (Damier totally solves the vachetta problem too ;))
  9. I use to only be a shoulder bag girl. Now I have 5 speedies. I love them.
  10. Once upon a time, I was a cross-body bag girl. I had to completely hands and shoulder-free. Then I started shortening the strap on my cross-body bag and wearing it on my shoulder because it looked nicer, and I got used to it. I became a shoulder bag girl. Then I got a shoulder bag with really short straps and started to hold it more in my hand.
    By the time I got my speedy, I was completely converted! So yes!
  11. I was a shoulder-bag girl myself, but after a few lv handheld bags, I've become a handheld-bag girl now. I rarely use my shoulder bag nowadays
  12. I used to carry shoulder bags exclusively, but have had no problems getting used to the Speedy. I have to admit that shoulder bags are more convenient for me, but I love my Speedy's and have no complaints carrying them!
  13. I have an Ellipse and a Sologne and I have to admit I use the Sologne a whole lot more simply because I teach and it's tough to carry a heavy bookbag/briefcase, a coffee and a hand-held purse. Plus, I find they get too heavy and my arm gets sore carrying them. I also find them awkward for shopping -- it's hard to carry clothes and a heavy purse!

    I like the look of them, but they aren't very practical. I've never cared for the Speedy, so no temptation there!
  14. The Mirage Speedy is so beautiful, I'm sure it'll be a pleasure carrying it.

    If you have it in the crook of your arm, it still looks nice, but you still have your arms open.
  15. I've been wearing cross-body bags for many years. 2 months ago I bought a Damier Azur Speedy 25 and fell in love with it. I just bought an Epi Speedy 25 and predict that I will be using these bags more often than my cross-body bags.