Can a seller withdraw an item

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  1. I was bidding on an item for my husband and the seller only wants to do a pick up, which I agreed to. I have the highest bid and just now the seller told me that he's had a better offer and do I want to beat it. I'm's what he said,"Currently you have the highest bid, but as I listed in the auction I have this listed on other site and locally and I have the right to end the auction at anytime. It doesn't mean you won the item or that I'm obligated to even extend this offer. I have someone locally that contacted me and is paying $3750... If you want to beat that it's your choice but it has to happen before this other buyer shows up tomorrow."
    Can he do this?
  2. Iirc, seller has a window of time to end an auction early, with or without bids. If there's more than 12 hours left he can, if there isn't, he's out of luck.

    The post rubs me the wrong way though, I would back away from this transaction, especially with the value. Can you find this item elsewhere?
  3. Sellers aren't really supposed to list something for sale on other sites or locally while it's on eBay (there's an exception for cars). In practice though there is really no way to enforce this.
  4. Thanks for the advice! Technically we are still on the hook for the item, it's an engine for a car. I suppose he will cancel the auction when he receives the money from the other buyer. It was a great price, but we"ll find another one. My husband restores and rebuilds hot rods as a hobby.
  5. If it is within 12 hours with bids ebay won't let him end the auction. I don't know about the "other site".

    The seller's message rubs me the wrong way as well. Nothing wrong with trying to get the highest price but you can sound a bit more congenial than this:

    "I have the right to end the auction at anytime. It doesn't mean you won the item or that I'm obligated to even extend this offer."

    I wouldn't want to deal with him let alone push his buttons.
  6. Ah. I think there are different rules for eBay Motors--it's pretty much expected and accepted that sellers will be listing their items on local classifieds sites as well.
  7. I have seen items in other categories state they are listed on other sites and in stores; I wonder how they get away with this?

    I agree about the tone of this sellers message; I'd back away completely.
  8. Personally I would cancel my bids. I would not want to have a transaction with that seller.

  9. I would cancel my bid...if the other buyer changes their mind,

    tough luck... would not deal with a seller who did this ...:nogood:
  10. How do I retract a bid?

  11. Just go to customer support... on the left hand side you should

    see "retract a bid"

    Follow the instructions..

    Keep us posted...
  12. +1! I would stay away from this seller.
  13. OP... were you able to retract the bid??
  14. I wonder if the seller is just trying to get more money out of the item? I've seen people do this before more than once...not just on eBay either, but also sites like Craigslist. They'll tell you someone else is interested and is offering x amount for it...then it never pans out, because they were just making it all up to try and see if the first buyer would pay more.

  15. This is always a possibility even more reason to cancel the bid...