Can a seller refuse to sell after you won the bid?

  1. I got a msg from my seller saying that my price is below her reserve price and that she will not sell it to me. There is no reserve price in her auction.

    Does this happens before? What should I do next?
  2. I'd report her to eBay as she is not allowed to do that :nogood:

    If there's no reserve price listed then there's no reserve.

    To be honest, I don't think there much more you can do though than leaving her neg. feedback and tell eBay about your problem with her.
  3. ^^ Absolutely, this is a contract and the terms can't be changed at whim after the transaction is concluded. I think the remedy is pretty limited i.e. reporting to eBay/-ve feedback but this may be enough to focus minds if the seller values his/her professional reputation.
  4. Ebay charges a fee for listing with a reserve... she cannot say there is a reserver on a bag without paying said fee!!!
  5. There is not a blessed thing you can do about it. I have one hanging now that I did not leave feedback for because I KNOW she's going to slam me back. Ebay will do nothing about it so its not worth it. If the bag was fake and you reported it fake to show others in her feedback that would be one thing, but since what she's done is an unpunishable offense why take a negative? All it will do is bring down your percentage.
  6. file a nonperforming seller dispute.
  7. I totally feel ya. I had an ebay seller write me after the auction and told me, "I can't sell this bracelet for that amount of money...what's wrong with you?" I kid you not he said that in his note. He didn't have a reserve price on his auction. He then said that was an over site.

  8. ohh how terrible to get excited about winning the auction and then not to get to take home the prize!!!
  9. Personally I think the seller is new to selling and may have "miss" the reserve input. It is a disappointment as I really like the bag but I will most likely let it go. Actually because I "won" this bag, I did not bid on other similar bags. I was watching 3 at that time.

    Is filing a non performing seller dispute the best way to "close" this? How should I go about it?
  10. I feel your pain...I just had a similar thing happen and there is not much you can do..I just filed a non-performing seller dispute but that's about all you can do...sorry, I know it sucks...
  11. Definitely file a dispute! This is another one of the things that irks me about sellers. Ebay is a two way street... just like a seller would hate hearing "I can't buy it, the price is too high" a buyer has the same reaction to "I can't sell it, the price is too low." Ebay is actually beginning to take steps to keep newbie sellers from ruining the buying experience. Their new non-performance policy is listed below:

    Sellers are expected to consistently perform in a manner that results in a high level of buyer satisfaction. If a seller’s interactions with buyers result in greater than a 5% level of buyer dissatisfaction, as evidenced by negative/neutral feedback and/or Item Not Received complaints received over the recent 90-day period, the seller is in violation of the Seller Non-Performance policy. Please note that although we are not including Detailed Seller Ratings at this time, we will be using them in the future.
    When a seller lists an item on eBay, and a buyer bids for and wins that item, the seller and buyer have entered into a contract that both members are expected to honor. If the seller doesn't live up to this agreement, it leads to a bad buyer experience and may result in negative or neutral feedback for the seller. Good practices that help sellers promote buyer satisfaction include:
    • Accurately describing the condition, size and quality of the item directly in the listing.
    • Honoring the original terms by accepting payment for an item at the end of a successful sale.
    • Promptly shipping the item with appropriate packaging once payment has been received.
    • Responding promptly and professionally to questions from the buyer.
    • Proactively communicating with the buyer throughout the transaction.
    • Issuing refunds in a timely manner when accepting returns or when there are problems with delivery.
    [​IMG]Violations of this policy by a seller may result in a range of actions, including:
    • Listing cancellation
    • Limits on account privileges
    • Account suspension
    • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
    • Selling fee schedule adjustments
    • Loss of PowerSeller status
    • Referral to Law Enforcement
  12. If she didn't put a reserve on it, there is no reserve. Unfortunately all you can do is file a non-performing seller dispute. Sorry this happened! I know you were probably psyched to win your item!
  13. Report it!
  14. You really need to file a non-performing seller, they will get a strike against them and if they get to many they will be booted off ebay.

    Feedback is up to you, but I would definately file the nps, and keep the email she sent you as proof that you can send to ebay.

    Good luck
  15. Thanks everyone for the advices and support. I am really disappointed as I like the bag very much and was looking for 1 for quite a while. It took me some courage to bid for it. There are too many fakes in Ebay and it is really hard to ascertain their authencity.

    Haiz --- maybe I should stop looking for it.