Can a seller decide not to sell??

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  1. I won an auction yesterday for a Coach small purse and mini-skinny set. The seller had spelled the name of the collection wrong, and I got it for a steal--I am sure partly because of the misspelled word in the title. I won for probably $100 under retail. This morning, I got an email from the seller saying she actually isn't going to sell it to me now, because her boyfriend wants her to keep it as part of her collection. ???? She said to go through her other auctions and if there's one other I wanted, she'd work with me on a price.

    Problem is, I really want THAT purse, because it's in a color that's hard to find. I get the feeling the seller didn't get the price she expected for it and now is having second thoughts. Can she do this? I'm not trying to be hateful, but I REALLY want that purse!

    I haven't paid, obviously, so I'm only out a little aggravation (and having to start my search all over) but it's still annoying. What should I do?
  2. That is 100% against the rules and she can get in big trouble. Tell her that the auction is a binding contract and that you are going to report her to eBay. And follow through. Report her to eBay, and then neg her! That is wrong. In reality she probably realized she spelled it wrong and lost money, and now is going to relist.
  3. You can report her as a non-performing seller. It's pretty much the opposite of being a non-paying bidder. That's about all you can do. eBay can't make her sell it to you.
  4. I would most certainly report her and keep a copy of that email as well.

  5. This is exactly what I did after I posted this. I expected her to argue, but she was very nice in her return email and said that she probably shouldn't have listed it for sale and that she'd go ahead and sell me the bag, for the winning bid. Hopefully that's the end of it and I'll receive my excellent bargain soon......I will be holding my breath until then!!

    Thanks for the advice:yes:
  6. I's suggest taking the insurance and paying for delivery confirmation. Sometimes sellers can be "resentful" if you know what I mean. had it happen to me....."got lost in the mail" Ggrrrrrrrr

  7. Great suggestion, thank you!! That's exactly what I'll do.
  8. She must be an inexperienced seller. She could have used the "my nephew spilled coffee on it" ploy.
  9. Well, even if it does "get lost in the mail", she would still have to refund you if she can not provide proof of delivery. I am glad that she decided to do the right thing, and hopefully she will follow through with her promise.
  10. nephew spilled coffee on it!! :tup:

    i've gotten responses like "the button popped off the jeans when i was packaging it". uh..ok!

    I hope you get your bag!!!
  11. im glad she changed her mind. it was only fair.
  12. wow, i hope this transaction ends with a happy ending!
  13. UPDATE-- I paid Friday, received the set yesterday!! Everything is in perfect condition and exactly as described, and the seller couldn't have been nicer. I was so relieved! Can't believe it actually worked out with no further issues.

    Thanks for all the help!
  14. Yay for a happy ending!
  15. definitely, DEFINITELY report her!