Can a roundish person wear a baby cabas and not look ridiculous?


Can a rounded person wear baby cabas?

  1. have seen one, looked bad

  2. have seen one, looked fine

  3. haven't seen one, can't see why not.

  4. haven't seen one, wouldn't think it'd be a good look.

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  1. there is one on hold for me after I'd been waitlisted forever. However, I have never seen the bag in real life and all the pictures of the bag on here are of ultra-svelte ladies.

    I am a UK size 14-16 (US it 10-12? something like that) and 5'2, so I am well rounded!!

    Has anyone seen a baby cabas on a roundish person? Does anyone have PICS???:nuts::nuts::nuts: Does anyone think it would look bad?

    I love this little bag, but I'd hate to have to schlepp all the way to Amsterdam with my baby to exchange it!!

    I already have a jumbo flap with silver hardware and a 226 reissue with gold hardware. they look good on me, but they looked even better before I had my baby and failed to lose the baby weight so far:lol:.

    Should I get it or not?
  2. Quirky, I think this bag will look beautiful on you :yes:.
  3. I'm so sorry - I meant to vote, I've seen someone with it and it looked fine (instead, I clicked on the wrong little circle:smile:

    I say yo get it - I really think it looks great on anyone - regardles of size! chanel doesn't discriminate... LOL! :smile:
  4. Thanks chloe babe and shop princess; you ladies are dolls (and enablers LOL).

    By "have you seen one" I meant on a larger person...I put it a bit murkily to say the least!
  5. I actually saw someone carrying it. I was at LV and she walked in. She really looked great with it - jeans, black top, kitten heeled sandals and her cabas... I think YOU will look great with it as well.
  6. I think it would look just fine on you, as it does on everyone else :tup:
  7. I hope so! I have a Baby Cabas and I'm your size, maybe even a little rounder :push:. I'd say go for it!
  8. It's a great bag. I'm sure it will look great on you.
  9. I love my cabas. I hide behind it sometimes when I feel "big". I am not a small girl and it works on me. I am five five and about 145lbs, but I am broad with an athletic build. No skinny frame over here. I say go for it. It looks good on everyone, my sister when she was pregnant wore hers and she looked cute.
  10. Your thread title gave me chuckle. :smile:

    Actually from all of the pics posted of gals with their baby cabas, I think the bag looks more flattering imo on a not so super small skinny gal. Some really tiny gals seem somewhat overwhelmed by the baby cabas even with it being smaller than the original.

    I am about your size, but a few inches taller. I love my baby cabas, I have more than one, it's a great size and I think I look great wearing it.:lol:

    Also, the cabas slouches really nice once you use it, not at all looking as large and bulky as when it brand new and stuffed with paper.

    If you love the bag, get it and I'm sure you will rock it!
  11. I was coming here to say that. It has a nice dip, which makes it less round and bulky.

    Also, and this is very important, because the bag is squishy, your arm will stay flat when over the bag, when it's on your shoulder and not hang far away form your side. That's a very fattening look... when your arm isn't close to your body. I think the Baby Cabas should be fine.
  12. I'm 5'2" and currently in that size range... and I sure hope it looKs fine~!.. cause I have one! hahah :rolleyes: I had a picture.. but somehow erased it from the computer... I think you'll look just fine with it. :okay:
  13. Thank you very much to everyone for all the kind input.:flowers: It has helped me make up my mind!! One last question before I do that bank transfer (I'm totally jonesing LOL).... it isn't too *small*, is it? Apart from the sideways bulk (about which I'm now reassured) it doesn't look like a smallish round bag on a round person, does it?

    I love the fact that this bag is an everyday one. So it'll slouch nicely pretty soon, I hope...LOL!

    oogiewoogie what a pity you erased your picture!!
  14. Hehehe.. it came out really blurry.. :push: I'll try again one day.. but by that time you'll already have purchased her! Its not too small at all... it may say "baby" Cabas... buts it's far from being baby size. LOTs... can fit in it.. it's a pretty roomy, IMO.. it's a large bag. I think you'll like it. It's a very "easy" kinda bag. gOod luck, hope you get it s:huh:n.. and post pics when it arrives.. :tup: