Can a Prada from Neiman Marcus be fake?

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Mar 28, 2010
Hi Ladies,

Many years ago, I bought a gorgeous, bright blue Prada bag from Neiman Marcus. I remember paying $895 plus tax for it, and that was a sale price.

Now that I'm older, the bright blue color just doesn't suit me any more. I'm hoping to sell this bag on eBay, so I looked up other people descriptions to see what I kind of information I should include in my own ad.

Though I have always kept this bag in its original dust bag, I did not keep the receipt or all the paperwork that came with it. That means I have no proof that this bag is 100% authentic. I tried to take a lot of photos, showing the metal tags both inside and outside, and the Prada lining of the bag. Then I realized that most 'authentic' Pradas on eBay seem to have this white cloth tag that has some numbers on it. Well, mine doesn't have any tag like that. Does this mean mine is not real, or is a factory second, or something?

I'm not familiar with Prada. This is my only Prada, and I bought it for the color rather than the brand. I would greatly appreciate your expertise in putting my mind at peace please. Thank you so much.


Jun 28, 2008
Santa Fe, NM
Hi! I would post all of your pictures here on the authenticate this prada thread. I highly doubt you would get a fake from NM.....only way that would or could ever happen would be through a bait n switch.
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