Can a plus size girl wear scarves?

  1. I thought I would ask this in here instead of a general fashion thread because I always admire you ladies with your gorgeous scarves in the "In Action" thread. :smile:

    I am 5'5" and weigh about 220lbs at the moment and I used to own some H scarves but never wore them because they completely covered my neck, which isn't generally a very flattering look on larger women. I also have a large chest, so that can be an issue as well. I ended up selling the couple scarves I had but I still have one and would love to be able to use it instead of having it sit in the closet.

    Are there any plus-sized H ladies in here who wear scarves? All of you look so glamorous in the threads with your sophisticated scarves and I really want to be able to wear them, but wouldn't know how to make the look work for me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. I'm larger than you my dear, and have the same issues. Your bags could certainly wear the scarves...

    I have found a triangle fold over a coat to be the most flattering for a lady of size.
  3. Well here's my input darling hope it helps I have a full figured mother in law and she wears scaves all the time in the most wonderful style usually as an Egyptian collar or chest coveR you know like Elizabeth taylors all coin mega necklace cover in cleopatra. she usually wears them over black or navy and they create such a beautiful effect because your eyes are automatically drawn to her upwards instead of towards her middle usually they don't sit close to her face so it doesn't seem like she's wearing a neck brace and the always look wonderful she also sometimes not as much but she drapes two of the same kind over the back of her neck letting the fronts fall over her front crating an asymmetrical look that seems like a vest on her front they also looks fantastic like this actually because it elongates her figure . So as long as you want to wear it no ,matter shape or size you will look beautiful I'm sure darling !!!!!!
  4. You can wear scarves no matter what shape or size you are! I am 5'8" 190 and wear scarves all of the time. Just because we aren't petite doesn't mean we can't be stylish!
  5. Wear your scarfs and enjoy it!
  6. You should definitely wear your scarves. IMO, it's more of a comfort level, just like with any other accessory items i.e. jewelry, handbags, etc. However, with scarves you really do have more versatility. Personally, I wear them as tops often and when I do wear around my neck, I have a tendency to add scarf rings and do different things to them, which gives it a different look each time I wear them. Just play with it and enjoy them.
  7. Next time you visit your store perhaps you could ask the SA at the silk counter for a few ideas. They love to show people how to get the most out of their scarves.

    If they're available they might give you a set of Knotting Cards too - lots of ideas in there. Wear and enjoy - H silks are too pretty to sit n the draw.
  8. Stophle, yes you can look fabulous in your H scarves! Don't be afraid of color and flair - it gives a focal point to your outfit and makes you look so pulled-together. The trick is to tie your scarves so that they elongate you and all that silk is not concentrated right around your neck.

    My favorite ways to wear the 90 cm carre are:
    1) Folded in the basic Hermes bias fold (diagonally) and hanging untied under my jacket (you can also tie a simple knot in each scarf end to keep them from flying around);
    2) Same as above, but tied together in a small square knot below the widest part of your bust;
    3) Take the basic H fold and then knot the scarf in the middle, then tie the loose ends at the back of your neck. This makes a lovely silk "necklace" of any length, and controls the "too much silk" aspect.

    Wear and enjoy your scarves! You will look great and I'm sure you will receive many compliments. :smile:
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  10. I think you should wear and rock those scarves:smile:
    I bet you look stunning!
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  12. Here's BBL's response:

  13. Absolutely! Wear them and feel fabulous. I have a coworker who WAY larger than you are and she wears them all the time and looks fantastic. Feel beautiful and wear the scarves you love!

  14. absolutely.... and the colors re so gorgeous you can make them work...

    try looking for the Hermes scarf book for suggestions...:yahoo:
  15. Yes, dear! Absolutely!

    One of our concierges is a gorgeous lady who must be bigger than you. Her style always inspires me, and we adore each other (I'm too skinny, lol).

    What she wears is simple dark colored outfit with wide open chest (showing off her glamorous upper chest), and a scarf or shawl in basic bias fold (~4 inches in width) hanging untied on both sides of her neck (that enhances vertical line), overlaid with a chunky long necklace (metal or horn, 120 cm or more) running middle of the chest, with matching big earrings (those make inverted triangle).

    Enjoy your scarf!!