Can a plus size gal get the peyton on her shoulder?

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  1. I am thinking I need the red patent peyton.. I just need to know if I could wear this bag on the shoulder .. any plus size gals here own the peyton? I am a size 18 currently. I gained some weight :cursing:

    There is one on ebay I am thinking of snatching up ;)
  2. Tara, I am a size 10 but carry alot of my weight in my arms:cursing:
    It's been my curse for my whole life but anyway, I just went to double check and yes I think it would be no problem for you. It's comfortable for me so that says it all!!!
  3. I don't have an answer to your question, but your first sentence cracked me up! You sound so much like me when I'm talking to my husband....."but honey, you don't understand, I need another bag!" :P
  4. ^^^^^^I know, I do NEED it, LOL! .. I am been sitting here thinking about getting one since my girls are taking a nap.. I have some extra cash but it just popped in my head that I should buy an extra flash for my camera with it.. so now I am torn..
  5. well IMO, some ladies at work tried on my Peyton and it was sitting fairly well, I am not "plus size" BUT when i visted my parents in Montreal Canada, I wore my goose down jacket, sweater, and was all bundled up and The peyton fit on my shoulder with plenty of room to spare. I think it would be a good bag also since it is on the light side and it "squoshes"
  6. I can't really answer your question, but I just wanted to chime in and say this bag is GORGEOUS and you should get it definitely! I'm a shameless enabler!
  7. Peyton over a camera flash?? Are you insane, woman?!?!?!?
  8. Have no worries...I'm plus size and the bag fit on my shoulder with no problems and room left over. It fits the way I wish the Lily fit.
  9. Jealous Tara! I love the looks of the Peyton. Hope you get her ;)
  10. Hey there...I just got the red peyton and I am a size 14/16 and it fits just fine..even with my coat on...go for it...I love mine and can't walk 10 feet without someone stopping me to compliment it!!!

    Good luck:cutesy:
  11. Haha! Yes! I am!

    I want the peyton sooooooo bad.. but then I will feel bad if I don't buy that stupid flash I actually do need for work.

    I could just buy the flash with my tax return money :thinking:

  12. So glad to hear this!! I am going to the outlet tonight to return the carly I bought last night and hopefully they will have one. The one on ebay ended at too high a price for me.
  13. You must buy a flashy bag, not just a flash, w/ your $$$$. ;)

    I'm 14/16 (ugh!) and I tried it on AOK the other day.
    I had a turtleneck sweater and ski vest on when I tried it.

    Lovely bag.
    You better buy now, so you have her for V-Day!!!!
  14. I want this bag SOOO bad, our outlet hasn't had them. If I didn't already have my flash, and had to choose- I'd pick Peyton first too. The good news is the days are getting longer so you can just use the sunlight until the tax return gets in to get your flash! (weak argument I know...I'm trying to help) Good luck with your choice & finding it if you go with Peyton!
  15. I say get the red patent Peyton! It will be so shiney and bright you won't need flash to take pics!