Can A Monogram Canvas KLARA or MIZI be carried on the SHOULDER?

  1. Anyone own these 2 bags and pics to show? Can't seem to find anyone modelling the pics.
  2. I have the mono vienna Klara and it is a shoulder bag .. the mizi is hand-held:yes:
  3. I no longer have pics of my Mizi however, there is no way you could carry it on your shoulder. Its a hand held bag for sure...(a GORGEOUS one at that!!)
  4. If you have really skinny arms, you can fit mizi on your shoulder but it's not comfortable at all because of the width of the bag. Klara can be worn on the shoulder (not sure how comfy it is).
  5. Thanks everyone for the quick replies!

    How I wish I can get LV to custom made some of the bags I like but to change the hand-held straps to shoulder straps!
  6. If you really like Mizi but want to wear it on your shoulder, how about using a detachable shoulder strap?:idea: