can a medium muse fit an a4 pad? (sorry!)

  1. newbie question!
    i couldn't find the answers on any of the millions of medium vs. large vs. oversize threads, and I figure a muse owner might be able to just answer this question now for me.
    does the medium fit a magazine or standard size pad?
    I'm thinking of it for use at college, amonst other things, and I'm a bit scared to order the large in case it limits my use of it (not really a big bag girl - mostly use my small MJ bucket hobo which doesn't fit a4, my small bbag or my gwen stefani large hella hobo!).
    Can anyone telll me if the medium will zip up with a magazine sized pad in it, and if it fits at all?
    Thanks in advance - really excited by my new found love for the Muse!!
  2. Nope it won't fit, unless u kinda fold the sides. If you need it for school for lotsa books, notes, and mags, get the Large or Oversize.
  3. No it doesn't. My large doesn't hold it well either, cos the corners stick out. But if I bend the pad corners a little it's ok.