Can a male use a pochette accessories?

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  1. How???

    I Just saw that a lot of people like the pochette accessories more than they like the wapity case

    i like both but which one would look better???

    I would love to see pics of guys handling the pochette accessories but i dont find any

  2. I think guys would look good using a pochette as long as it's not on the shoulder.

    Clutch style or with a short strap for a wristlet would be cute IMO.
  3. I don't think it would look right.
  4. There is no problem with a guy using a pochette
  5. You use what you like. Don't have to worry about what other people think. Once you care about what other people think, you at their mercy and without power. If you like the pochette then I say get it!
  6. I prefer the Damier Macau, but yes a male can use a poch. accessories
  7. Ita!
  8. I say a wapity case if you had to choose between the two...but it's basically what you're more comfortable with
  9. I think a guy that contemplates the pochette is probably someone who dresses in a way that would suit it anyway.

    now, if someone was fumbling around with a pochette where i live now, they would prob get their head kicked in.

    but- if you can wear it well, who cares what anyone else thinks.
  10. I agree.

    Personally I think the Pochette Accessoires is way too feminine for a man.
  11. inside a bag = :yes: :tup:

    by itself = :nogood: :tdown:
  12. Especially if slung on the shoulder!
  13. Wapity would look hot...not a pochette so much:smile:
  14. I have a cerises pochette and I love it! I take off the strap though so it looks more like a clutch and a little less like a mini handbag. I bought it because I loved it so I definitely use it and don't care what others think. I wouldn't carry it over the shoulder though, that really doesn't suit me, at all.
  15. For me personally I would use it inside my bag but not outside. Out of the two options you've listed, I would suggest the wapity. After saying this, the choice is ultimately yours and what you are comfortable using. :smile: