can a mahina leather still look good after, say, 10-15 years??

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  1. hello to all..i've been going back and forth from sticking to my damier ebene bags to planning on purchasing a mahina bag (lunar gm in particular) but i'm wondering how long will this leather last if used almost daily but handled with care..anyone out there who has owned a mahina piece for the longest time? what happens to the leather after long period of use? i have read in some posts that the mahina leather softens more in this a good thing or is it a sign of wear and tear? long has LV been producing mahina bags and what are the feedbacks? i just want to make sure that before i purchase a $$$ mahina lunar gm bag, it is really worth spending for, not only because it looks good and functional IMO, but it will also last a long, long time..and it should definitely be worth its worth..i think the light colored mahinas look really good and classy but because i'm afraid that after some time, they will accumulate dirt and would look untidy, i'm gearing towards the darker mahinas..i'm beginning to love cognac but still, i don't want any visible dirt on my bag after some time, so i'm thinking of getting a mahina lunar gm in chocolat--that is, if i'm already sure that it's really a durable piece of necessity :biggrin: and luxury :P.
  2. I don't believe Mahina has been around long enough for anyone to answer what will happen in 10-15 years... I have had mine for about 2 years and it still looks brand new:smile:
  3. I am interested in knowing this as well! I just got a Mahina L inNoir in Paris this past July and I am in LVOE with her!:love:
  4. I think if you take good care if any purse it will always look new.

  5. I agree! It depends on how you maintain it. Any bag can look worse for wear, if it was not treated well, and utilised properly. My sister-in-law used her speedy mini-lin like she would a shoulder bag and filled it up with such heavy items that not long after she had it, it started to look old.
  6. Hmmm... there's only one way to find out.... :graucho: we'll take a look at your update pictures in 10 years!

    Okay..all kidding aside. I think it has to do with the user, as some have already pointed out. If you don't abuse it, an LV piece will last you a long long time.
  7. I honestly don't think a Mahina leather will still look great after 10-15 years. It is very soft. It may get that soft distressed look, but it definitely won't look new unless it is used very little and stored well. The newer hardware that LV is using definitely will not stay brass colored for 10-15 years (the push lock). You can probably expect that to turn silver within 5-7 years. The only bags that really can manage the really long term looking good are the canvas bags with very minimal vachetta and little to no hardware. They simply aren't making these bags like they used to.
  9. Well it's been like 7 years so do any of you have updates on how mahina leather wears???:smile:
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