can a Londoner order from BALNY?

  1. Hey,

    can I order from BALNY even though i'm in London. The stock is limited here and wanted a DAY.

    Is it possible? IF so, who shall I talk to?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Bal Ny will accept orders from londoners, A day is $995 plus around $40 shipping. You will end up paying huge taxes though as they ship through UPS so you have to pay Customs, duties and UPS brokerage fees around £160-£180 on top of the price for the day bag. Not worth it if you ask me. Better to order from Bal Paris, they have lots of days for around 700 euros (and no taxes) or Selfridges in london carry the day style (£525) in current season colours. Hope this helps.
  3. hey syma - went to selfrdiges today and the sales lady told me there are no day bags!

    Will try BalParis... thanks
  4. or luisaviaroma in italy, they are great!
  5. Hi mimi, Did you try selfridges in London??? I was there yesterday and they definately had day bags in off white (natural) and marine, and they are always getting in deliveries of the black. They also do mail orders. Selfridges in Trafford is also good for day bags if there are none in London. What colour are you looking for. If its anthracite then your right there are no day bags in anthra in UK or Bal Paris at the moment.
  6. hey Syma,

    yeah i live in london so i went to the selfridges there. But they dont seem to have much. Loads of citys, firsts, work and weekender.. hardly any days.

    not sure what color i want. Thought i'd see them first
  7. Sorry Mimi, but they do definately have a couple(if not more) days in there on Friday. However I have to say the sales staff can be a bit dim and are not that familiar with the different bal styles. The days retail for around £525 so if you give them the price they can usually find the bag your looking for. I got the SA to model the natural day for me and it looked beautiful, it is a perfect summer bag.
  8. mimi,

    bal paris had a huuuuuge selection when i was there couple weeks ago.
    ask for francisco ;)
  9. I order from BalNY all the time and thats usually because I cant find what I want in the UK or Europe. Either that or i get frustrated waiting for it to come in. They are right the customs is high but it depends how much you want something and if it is ever likely to come into any uk stores or not. Good luck with your hunt!