Can a landlord charge you more money...

  1. ... for cleaning out the apartment or making repairs, in addition to keeping your deposit?
  2. Is the security deposit not enough to cover the repairs? Usually repairs and preparing the apartment for the next tenant shouldn't cost more than the security deposit, unless the place is in really bad shape. If the place is pretty bad off, it might require the tenant to pay additional costs, if the damage was directly done by the tenant. What is the extent of the situation? :smile:
  3. If the landlord feels that the apartment was not in the same condition in which it was rented to you, then they can charge you. As far as repairs..if you say put a hole in the wall, that is not a normal repair for rather damage. Also if you didnt clean the apartment before you left they also can charge you a cleaning fee.
  4. Yea, if your house is really damaged or uncleaned and it will cost more than your deposit to fix it back to the way it was, then they can charge you the extra cost. However I think those are extreme circumstances. Most people's deposit (usually one month's rent) covers cleaning.
  5. Hi everyone!

    There's no damage to our apartment... it's just not particularly clean and we left a lot of junk around... some furniture pieces, etc.

    Happily enough, I'm the only one in town. My roommates have all left and said, "Forget it, we'll just lose the deposit." Our deposit was just $175 per person (there are 4 of us).

    I don't know if I should clean this stuff up by myself or just forget about it. There's a mattress, a couch, a dining room table, and lots of junk. We live in a 4 bedroom apartment.
  6. Back in college, no matter how much we clean our apt before turning it over to the landlord, those bastards will STILL find some minor defects to keep some part of your deposit. :rant:
  7. Yeah. We're pretty convinced that no matter what, we're going to lose the deposit... so might as well leave some stuff here!

  8. If you're not concerned about losing the cash, then leave it. But, if your landlord contacts you and says he's going to charge you more to haul the junk out of the place and clean it, then it's up to you to decide whether you want to shell out more money or not. If he does do that, you can try to talk to him and say you'll clean the place or get rid of the junk, and he keeps the security deposit. Know what I mean? :smile:
  9. Thanks, Cristina. At this point, I don't care about losing the cash. I literally have no friends in town to help me move this stuff!

    I think they're supposed to take you to small claims court if the landlord tries to charge you more than the deposit... at least, that's what I understood from reading the rental laws but they were pretty confusing.
  10. My family has a lot of rental properties and it is a MAJOR pain when tenants just leave their crap in the apartment. Not only does the landlord have to move it (either themselves or hire someone to move it), but we also have to dispose of it. Plus, leaving an apartment dirty is just plain gross. If someone has lived in it then they should have some decency and clean up after themselves!
  11. I agree... I don't feel great about doing this, but I'm trying to figure out who I can get to come help me move a couch, a dining room table, etc. I tried getting rid of the stuff FOR FREE but nobody even wants it!

    This furniture doesn't even belong to me and my roommates no longer want it. I'm not thrilled with anybody cleaning up my mess, but that's what a security deposit is for I guess.
  12. Call the Salvation Army or Goodwill and donate it....they will come and pick it up at no charge.
  13. Really? That's a great idea, thanks, I will do that!
  14. Here here! Great idea...your stuff will go to someone else who can enjoy it and it's outta yours and your landlord's hair. Good Karma! :yes:
  15. Thanks, hopefully Salvation Army or Goodwill can get here before the landlords come to check up on the place!