can a guy rock this?

  1. a few seasons ago there was this super cute black caviar square bag with a long chain and a little cc on the front that i missed out on. this is the closest thing i can find that resembles it. if it can be worn comfortably messenger style i would totally go for it. but what do you all think. oh, and i'm gay so i'm not worried about that. but beyond that. i don't want the be "the guy with the speedy" lol. thanks!!

    eBay: AUTH CHANEL 2.55 SMALL BLACK CAVIAR CLASSIC FLAP SILVER (item 230064724190 end time Mar-12-07 08:49:09 PDT)

  2. I say wear what you want, but honestly, I think you will be known as "the guy with the Chanel." Even though you may love a bag, sometimes it just doesn't look right. I love the coco cabas, but I'm short with big hips and it just looks totally wrong on me. I think a small Chanel on a man would just look totally wrong. But this is completely my opinion and in the end, it only matters what you think.
  3. Kodi, I think it depends on how tall you are.
    Did you already took measurements? If it falls down on your hips, then I think it's perfect for you.
  4. mostly i just want the other bag that i missed out on. i wish i knew the name of it. *sigh* i just would hate to drop 1300 on a bag i'll never ever use. i just can't really tell if the strap would be long enough or not. i wish there was just somewhere online to shop chanel bags. ugh.

  5. If you're having doubts, then don't do it. 1300 is a lot of money for a bag.
    I hope you will soon find the bag you had your eye on!
  6. Wait! I just purchased this bag for $1095 at Saks in December. I can wear mine messenger style. They still have one in lambskin and it's only $100 more them my caviar. If you got it from Saks, at least you could return it, and it's less money. Is there a Saks by you? Mine is in Troy, Michigan. The number is 248-643-9000. Ask for Delyse in handbags and tell her April Guirlinger referred you. She's very nice and unaffected and she'll know exactly which bag you're talking about if you tell her it was the last one I got from her, and she'll find the caviar if that's the one you want.
  7. i think it's a little too small for a guy to look good :p
  8. It's so hard to tell without pictures, and guys around here are often seen in chanel shades, so it's not like chanel can't be worn by guys in general. However I've never ever seen anything like this on a guy so I woulden't know at all. If you have doubts, I'd say no. While most a lot of other luxury brands (Hermes, LV, gucci, Bottega veneta, prada etc) would be considered mostly unisex, producing both stuff for women and men and some pieces that really work well on both chanel is generally heavily directed towards females and sells a very feminine style overall, more than most brands.

    Actually come to think about it, I think even a paddy is more "masculine" than chanel bags..
  9. Kodi, I agree with those who've opined that there are other designers whose merchandise is less femme/more unisex than Chanel. But, check, a re-seller of pre-owned bags who's been recommended by others here in the Chanel Shoppping section. When I last stopped by her website about 10 days ago, she had a Chanel messenger bag & another shoulderbag which was more "rugged" in appearance than the usual Chanels; maybe one of them is like the one you saw awhile back?

    Her bags are generally priced at 1/2 their original retail. You'll need to e-mail her to ask about shoulder strap length 'cause she doesn't usually include that in her listings. But, she is super-fast about replying to e-mail and seems quite nice & eager to be of assistance. Good luck!
  10. IMO, I don't think a guy could carry that off. Chanel to me is very feminine.
  11. i prefer guys with tote chanel or shoulder bag chanel than the sling one :p
  12. There's a jumbo caviar flap with an extra long chain that can be worn messenger style. I thought it was too long on me (I'm 5'5"). I saw it in Amsterdam. I can't remember exactly what the SA said about it, but basically it's a limited production piece. It was the first time I had ever heard of it. I really have no clue how that size and length might look on a man. I also saw a Chanel messenger bag on Luxury Lizard, but now it's marked sold.

    I would agree with some of the other posts here that Chanel tends to be feminine, but whatever you like you should wear. Good luck with your search!
  13. I dont think this bag will look nice on a guy.. :shame: Its kind of a fitted sling across and it reaches my hip bone there abouts. And its tiny. I think you should wait for 'the' bag that makes u feel like u have to have it! :yes:
  14. How about some cool Chanel sunglasses with a messager style bag from maybe LV or Coach? That way you'd still be rocking Chanel logo....
  15. i agree with Kitten....some great Chanel sunnies and one of the incredible bags from Gucci or Prada or LV that are better for a man
    this bag pictured is very feminine

    let us know what you do!!:yes: