Can a gold bag be worn year round? Re: Chloe Edith messenger

  1. I have a gold Edith messenger that I love, but I was wondering if a gold bag can be worn year round? Is there a particular season for which it may be more appropriate? Thanks!
  2. I think it would be year round!
  3. wearing a gold bag?... i think consider what a particular places not a particular season...
  4. Gold is very versatile - looks great with white, beige and light colors for spring/summer and would look hot with fall/winter colours like brown, purple, rust, grey & black as well. It's more a question of what you wear it with, imo, than what time of year it is.
  5. i think it can be worn year round if matched with appropriate colors. darks and gold for winter/fall and gold with lights and brights for spring/summer!!
  6. metallic has been so in for a while that your gold bag can be work year-round!