Can a girl have too many blues?

  1. I just went to see an Aquamarine and a Bleu Glacier City at my local boutique. I now have 3 days to decide if I want either. I need the collective wisdom of you ladies out there to help me! :confused1:

    Here's what I already have (in blue, that is):
    03 blue first
    05 turquoise first
    05 teal day
    05 teal mini twiggy
    06 ink box
    06 blue india twiggy

    Other blue bags:
    Choe 05 bleu nuit Paddington hobo
    LV denim *something*
    Luella denim baby Daria
    Luella turquoise Giselle hobo
    Luella dark blue baby Suzy
    Coach patchwork blue satchel

    The SA said I probably shouldn't get the aquamarine, since it is quite close to the 05 turquoise, 05 teal and 06 blue india.

    I am now wondering about bleu glacier. My skin tone suits turquoise/teal type of colours, and most of my blue clothes are those shades, or at least, a warm blue.

    Should I just sit this season out? I have more than 20 BBags, and perhaps it is time to stop? :s
  2. NEVER!

    I have two Blues, with many more to come!
  3. I say if you really love the color, then go for it!
  4. If you truly love it go for it!:yes:
  5. I saw the bleu glacier last night, and it is a beautiful color. But with that many blue bags, you may not need another one. However, I think this is a completely different blue than what you already have. I really don't know what to tell you. I can't believe you have 20 Bbags, you lucky person you! I will have to stop at one.
  6. Do you currently use all of the blues you have?

    If not maybe sell something if you really want a new color. Otherwise sit this season out.

    I think it is only too many if there are some not being used.
  7. If you like the color get it :biggrin:
  8. If you want a new blue, how about French Blue? It is different than your current collection, but definitely a beautiful color.
  9. ITA ! How about a different color instead of blue ????
  10. Never too many, especially if it's a color to which you're really attracted. :smile:
  11. I am sure blue type of colors suits you well therefore you buy more blues than others. I am afraid if you buy other than blues, you won't use it as much as blues. Aqua or French Blue are wonderful colors of blue. You should go for it.
  12. hmm... i have a BI first, and actually contemplating an acquamarine, even though i know that most people will NOT be able to tell the difference. unless they are carried together. but who does that...? as far as others are concerned, you will look like you are carrying the same bag, but you yourself will know the difference (since we are sensitized to every minute details of b-bags...). so, i guess it depends on your personal purpose for having bags...?
  13. I have a teal day and Blue india city and if I had one freakin' Bbag store within a 200 mile radius I would rush out to buy something aquamarine, I looooove turquoise blues!!! I say go for it, lucky girl!!!
  14. I think I just needed someone else to speak sense to me. I like to match my bags to my outfits, so, yes, I do carry all my bags, but with all the bags I have, on average, a bag sees the light of day maybe once a month.

    I don't love love love bleu glacier, but it is a colour I don't have. I have actually been looking for a sky blue mini twiggy, because some of my outfits don't match the blue-green colours I have amassed. I thought bleu glacier might be a more sophisticated alternative to sky blue.

    What I might do is to bring those outfits I hope to match down to the store and see how well they go together before deciding.

    Argh! It's just the (by no means cheap) thrill of getting a new bag and adding to the hoard. I have way too many posessions... :shame:
  15. if they are very similar to the colors that you already have -I'd say wait for another season.