Can a girl have too many black Chanel?

  1. Should I stop buying black bags????

    All (except for one in white) my Chanels are black. I have black GST, black classic flap and black reissue. But I am still thinking about the black patent reissue...

    Do you think I should get some color??? every bag I love I ended up getting it in black. Should I get the black patent reissue or it is too similar to my other black flaps? I need your honest opinion, please :idea:
  2. You should probably branch out to some other colors before buying another black bag. I am the same way though. I have three black Chanel flaps (four technically) plus a plethora of other black bags from different lines. Get a few more colors before adding another black one IMHO.
  3. no.
  4. yes, I think colors are wonderful. They can be so versatile and work with any wardrobe.
  5. I think it's okay to have a few black bags. I have no Chanel bags but have been reading the forums and creating my list of what I'd like. I have it down 2 black bags and then one in another color. Hopefully it will come true one day.
  6. no way!!! I have 4 black chanels and one white. The next 3-4 chanels I want are ALL black. I look to balenciaga for color. :amuse:
  7. I love black bags!! I am a simple color gal and I hate to have to match my clothes and bags so other then some LV monogram bags that I have had for a while and think are neutral I only be getting black bags! If you will use them, I say you can never have to many!
  8. Nope, not at all. I have 6 Chanel bags, and all of them are black :yes:
    I love colors, but for my bags I stick with black. IMHO they are classic...
  9. Not this girl! I am a real black fiend and despite experiments with colour, I always return to black and when the bags are so expensive, I think that is an important consideration for me.
  10. I love black!

    However, I really love the colors of the re-issues they have now.

    The metallic gold, the metallic black, and the dark silver are all TDF. They all seem to be able to match anything! I'm in love with the pics people have posted thus far.
  11. No she can not ;)
  12. nope! never!!!! :p

    i like black best! i have since branched out into brown... but i feel like i reach for my black backs more often...
  13. definitely not!!! i LOVE black chanels, and like you, most of my collection is filled with black chanel bags. i turn to other brands for a pop of colour! ;)
  14. That's a great idea! I haven't looked at other bags since I got my first Chanel :sweatdrop:
  15. I have 4 black bags all different styles and I love them but I also have some colored ones to mix it up a bit!