can a girl have too many black bags?

  1. so far, my collection consists of

    blk/blk patent cambon tote,
    blk with gold med. classic flap,
    blk ultimate soft,
    and the newly bought blk gst w/ silver

    i'm still on the waiting list for the blk caviar baby coco cabas and the two bags on my wishlist are the cerf tote and the medallion tote, which unless there're some fashion colors that comes out, i will end up buying in black

    can a girl have too many black bags? is it time for me to stop buying black bags?
  2. :smile: yes, time to have some rainbow in ur collection
  3. Good question!

    For me, the answer is no, I can never have too many bags in black. I don't like colour... but I know many others here will disagree with me. :smile:

    ETA: So you're keeping the blk GST with silver HW? Do you love it now?
  4. I think so. . . unless you already have a "staple" color in every other flavor.
    For me personally, I'll be acquiring all my staple colors before buying duplicates I think.
    I'd like to add a navy and a red bag.
  5. Tough question!!!! If you use them all and really love a black bag, then of course it's fine. But if you find yourself reaching for the black bag, but wishing you has an alternative color to choose from.....then you need to branch out and get some color.....or maybe white???
  6. i've decided to get it. becuase i know i could get good use out of it, i don't have another bag of this size and shape, so i think it's "unique" enough to my existing collection to keep.
  7. i considered white, but A, i'm not very good at taking care of my bags, so it's better to go w/ a darker color. and plus i'm in toronto, where the weather isn't the most friendliest, so i think i will get better use out of darker colors...i would love to add maybe a navy or a rich burgundy, or a purplse....but these colors are hard to come by in chanel.
  8. No...its never enough...and Black is realli easy to take care of. As long as you like it...thats fine!!!! Show the GST with SH when you get it!! I'm on a waiting list too...its taking forever
  9. so far i have :
    black balenciaga city
    dark coffee (which is honestly look very black) balenciaga fb first
    black balenciaga satin flat clutch
    black coco cabas vinyl
    black baby cabas caviar

    and i'm really considering another black original coco cabas caviar :wtf:
  10. colors would be nice to change it up a bit.
  11. In the end I always notice someone carrying a black Chanel. To me it is indeed the most classy. The other colors just do not look as rich.
  12. yep, me too, navy and red would be ideal, but havnet come across too many styles in those colors.
  13. In a word; NO! (lol!)
  14. It completely depends on your wardrobe and your style.

    I have all different colors, but my favorites are always the black. And if it's a important bag I try to get black to assure that I will get wear out of it since it seems that most of my outfits are best with black. What's the point of having colors that you are not going to want to wear it?
  15. I used to think so, but after trying to buy bags in colors, I have learned that they just do not work for me usually, sooooo .... I am buying more black! especially Chanel, I love Black Quilted Chanel!