Can a girl ever have too many Paddingtons??!

  1. Hi!!

    I love the Paddington sooooo much and now have five! I have a Mousse, Muscade, Castor, Black and Blanc :yahoo: All in the original/regular Paddington style. I will take a family pic when my Mousse arrives next week.........;)

    And still I find myself wanting more :sweatdrop: - perhaps a front pocket paddy :graucho:

    So my question is how many do you all have and can a girl have too many Paddingtons? Oh and pics would be great!

    TIA x
  2. Bal - no one can ever have enough bags!!!!

    I am afraid it has taken me forever to catch onto the paddy for some reason, bought some returned them etc etc. Its only last week I found one I trully loved and that was the red. Pics attached - got the matching purse today. I am sure there are a lot of Chloe Gals out there who will have a number of them as well! Keep up the good work

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Absolutely beautiful. I love that color. I have the chocolate paddington and the leather is gorgeous.
  5. I think I may!! I have the regulare one in ivory, noir and jeans moyen and the zippy in mousse and taupe...I, too, still find it hard to resist more, especially with all the great deals. I might have to pare down when I figure out which are my favorites to spend on other brands or styles! variety is the spice of life!;)
  6. I've had my tan and khaki paddy from the '05 collection since July 2005 and just recently added the gris-vert large zippy. I am still in love! I want to get a large paddy satchel for travelling (hopefully I travel enough to justify all these big bags!) and I'm still eyeing the wallets.

    People were saying when the Paddy first came out that this style will quickly fade into oblivion but I think the style is just so versatile that it can be carried by all types of women and for different occasions as well. I think the Paddy is here to stay!
  7. Phew :sweatdrop: It is so nice to hear that other girls own as many as I do.....and more!! :wtf:

    I love the Paddy so much and I also think it will be around for a long time to come :yes:

    Keep the posts coming - would be great to hear which is your favourite style and colour and also to see family pics too :flowers:
  8. dont think you can ever have too many lol

    Since they came out, I have had the first Vanilla, the original tan, a blue nuit loaf, a 2006 tan (only one I didnt love), and then the taupe and the rouge

    The leather is sublime, and each one seems slightly different, one is never enough!
  9. chloe-babe, was the 2006 tan the more orangey shaded one? i got the one from spring/summer 05.
  10. No way. I'd kill for a grenat paddy regular satchel or loaf, khaki or tan hobo. Aw, heck, throw in a noir, too :p

  11. chloe-babe, I I mean with my whole addiction!! You were so helpful to me when I was more of a Chloe novice...
  12. Colour was v similar to 2005, slightly more orangey, but nice, it was the leather - as unforgiving and stiff as a board, never loosened up either.

    With Chloe, I think it is the leather that makes the bag, the smoochier the better huh :graucho:
  13. ahh!!! you knew alot for a newbee honey, and you had exquisite taste already - the epitome of a perfect Chloe Gal me thinks ;)

  14. yeah Rockerchic that Chloe-babe has a lot to answer for!!!!!!!!

    Hee hee
  15. ^^^^^ I totally agree. I owe my addiction and expertise to Chloe-babe who has helped me along the way.

    Not only am I a paddy addict, I am a chloe addict in general

    I have have had an 05 tan satchel, 05 tan loaf, 05 sable, 06 mousse zippy, 06 taupe zippy, 06 anthracite, and am expecting an 05 grenat loaf this month. I let go of the 05 tan satchel, and all my 06 paddys and i was feeling like i didn't have any chloe, but i remembered that i have my non-paddy chloes which are just as hawt!