Can a girl ever have enough B bags?

  1. Hi Girls,

    Recently I got the dark green 2006 Medium City... Now I'm seriously thinking of ordering a new first in another colour that can match with most things I own. I know I should buy two bags in a row but am sooooo tempted. What do you think? Can a girl ever have enough B bags?

  2. I'm the same way. I got my dream classique last month, but then I had to have the new rouge vif bag this month....

    what will it be next?
  3. no.
  4. Once you come into the B-bag subforum, you're soooo :busted. So welcome to the club of senile B-bag lovers!! :choochoo:
  5. oh god... i think the answer is def. no (if it's following my heart)
    but if it's following my pocket, the answer is yes :P a girl can have too much b-bags
  6. A typical ABA- career (Anonymous Balenciaga Addict). it starts with one and it never ends! :smile: Welcome to this crazy world :smile:
  7. I am now addicted to BBags. My other addiction is Chloe Paddingtons. And for some strange reason, Luellas. Just as well I dislike monograms so that rules of most LVs and Guccis. And never found a Hermes or Bottega Veneta bag that I like.
  8. Roxane, SNAP! I also am addicted to Bbags and Chloe Paddingtons - I also dislike monograms and I find Hermes bags too plain. I just bought 3 Bbags (pink, rouille and lilac) and the new Chloe Paddington Shoulder bag (taupe) - you can never have too many bags, I think. I can't seem to stop buying BBags- the colours are so pretty, leather so smooshy, it's like I go into a trance and the only thing in my head is "MUUUUUUUUUST BUY MORE BBags" :nuts: I just can't resist them . :love:
  9. Same here I don't like "loud" bags with logos who scream look at me how expensive I am therefor I just adore Blenciaga. Just people who're into bags know what an arm candy I'm carrying.
  10. i agree tanjaI looove B bags
  11. Right... I love B bags too. Ditto on dislikes of monograms. I have ordered another B bag now. :yahoo:
  12. ^^I agree 100% - plus often times monogram bags aren't even made of leather (LV with that plastic like surface) or gucci with canvas - yawn. So what you purchased a bag that's OBVIOUSLY a designer bag. B-bags are more subtle, well made, quality leather.
  13. YUCK!!!!!!! I HATE MONOGRAMS. since my b-bag fever, I had sold all of my bags with monograms. YUCK.
  14. same here, i never liked bags (or anything for that matter) with monograms. i feel like my b-bag is a lot more subtle and interesting than anything with someone's name plastered all over it.
  15. hmm...i don't know:shrugs:...i have three bbags (rouge vif work, ink hobo, origan city), sold the teal first. and i think im done with Balenciaga for now:P....and hello :yahoo:to my new addiction LV small accessories:heart:!
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