Can a girl be TOO organised?

  1. I have agenda lust. I can't control it, it fills my thoughts and pics of agendae are filling my harddrive! :sweatdrop:

    I already own a Damier Koala Agenda and a Damier Large Ring Agenda. I use the PM as a wallet and quick-look organiser, and the Large Ring as my main diary. I've also been craving a Medium Ring Agenda in Epi Red forever, and have found a gorgeous one in perfect condition for the perfect price.

    What's a girl to do? I don't need this, and am not sure for what I'd use it.. I just want it!!! Also on my wishlist are things I don't already have.. MC Noir Wapity, Ellipse Pochette.. but haven't found any of these available right NOW as this Agenda is. (Well actually, come to think of it I do know of a Wapity but with post and the more expensive price it'll mean saving another $100.)

    So, tell me.. should I get it? It's brand new, for US$200 below retail. Also I can layby it, and pay it off over 60 days. Perhaps doing this I could buy this and still not be too far back at the start if I find a Wapity at a good price. But hang on - what would I use it for??!
  2. And just look at how perfect it would fit in with my other Agendae... :tender:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. If you are talking about the one on rebeccalou's website, I'd say get it ;)

    If not...well, get it anyway :p
  4. oh that is beautiful! I to have an agenda fetish! lol! I have a bunch of agendas and I don't even used them that much. Anyways, what is rebeccalou's website, please!
  5. No, it's not that one Karman, but I know that one you mean as I've been looking at and watching it for ages! :p

    I've just asked if they'll hold it for me until my next pay. If not, I'll just wait until then if it's still available, and if it goes in the meantime I guess it's not meant to be. :nogood:
  6. Well, I'm getting it - the lady has agreed to hold it for me! Yay!


    TheQueen, RebeccaLou is an eBay MPRS seller who's started her own website for LV consignment sales now. Here's the link to her things..