Can a girl be TOO organised?

  1. I have agenda lust. I can't control it, it fills my thoughts and pics of agendae are filling my harddrive! :sweatdrop:

    I already own a Damier Koala Agenda and a Damier Large Ring Agenda. I use the PM as a wallet and quick-look organiser, and the Large Ring as my main diary. I've also been craving a Medium Ring Agenda in Epi Red forever, and have found a gorgeous one in perfect condition for the perfect price.

    What's a girl to do? I don't need this, and am not sure for what I'd use it.. I just want it!!! Also on my wishlist are things I don't already have.. MC Noir Wapity, Ellipse Pochette.. but haven't found any of these available right NOW as this Agenda is. (Well actually, come to think of it I do know of a Wapity but with post and the more expensive price it'll mean saving another $100.)

    So, tell me.. should I get it? It's brand new, for US$200 below retail. Also I can layby it, and pay it off over 60 days. Perhaps doing this I could buy this and still not be too far back at the start if I find a Wapity at a good price. But hang on - what would I use it for??!
  2. And just look at how perfect it would fit in with my other Agendae... :tender:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. If you are talking about the one on rebeccalou's website, I'd say get it ;)

    If not...well, get it anyway :p
  4. oh that is beautiful! I to have an agenda fetish! lol! I have a bunch of agendas and I don't even used them that much. Anyways, what is rebeccalou's website, please!
  5. No, it's not that one Karman, but I know that one you mean as I've been looking at and watching it for ages! :p

    I've just asked if they'll hold it for me until my next pay. If not, I'll just wait until then if it's still available, and if it goes in the meantime I guess it's not meant to be. :nogood: