Can a fake Speedy get a new zipper tab??

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  1. Hi! I've been trying to search everywhere for a thread to ask this general question, and couldn't find one that fits. Anyway in looking at Speedys on ebay, I've noticed some older authentic-looking bags have brand new zipper pulls that the seller says they had replaced at an LV store. So my question is, does this automatically mean it's authentic? I know the LV store wouldn't repair a fake, but are there other places that would replace the leather zipper tag with that exact LV piece?? IF it was fake I just don't know if there was a way they could bring it to another leather store and get that exact style tag...and I know I can bring it to the authentication forum but I was just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this!:cool:
  2. They will not put a new zipper pull on a fake bag.
  3. but do other leather repair places have a tab that looks just like that? I would think not, and assume that if a speedy has a new zipper pull, then it was repaired at an LV store which means it has to be real...:thinking: because I want to bid on this one Speedy that is older but has a new pull and seller says it's authentic.
  4. Well, they won't confiscate it. They'll just tell you it's not their product. If you know that an item has been repaired by LV, it's genuine.
  5. A leather shop could easily repair a zipper pull, and it could even possibly look similar to what LV uses yes, you just never know. But all you need to do is have the bag in the listing authenticated. Free, link here:

  6. exactly
    if it's an old model they may still have the part that
    fits it but they wont replace a fake speedy zipper
  7. Ask the seller for a copy of the repair receipt because LV always issues one even if there is no charge and like others have said, please have it authenticated regardless of how 'real' it looks.
  8. I wonder why I've read stories on here and in addition to an angry youtuber rant.
    Maybe just for drama.
  9. I had the zipper pull replaced on my speedy and they replaced the gold grommet along with the leather pull - grommet has the LV initials. I am sure that a repair shop could replace the leather pull, but not the grommet.
  10. I recently had my zipper and zipper pull replaced. I did get a receipt. Maybe ask the seller if they saved it. LV will not replace anything on a fake handbag.
  11. hey ladies! I'm new to this forum and i wanted to know where to go to authenticate a Louis Vuitton speedy before purchasing it?