Can a doctor prescribe diet pills?

  1. My friend went to a doctor and he prescribed diet pills for her. Is this safe? Does weight come back? Has anyone else ever had diet pills prescribed? She has to go in every 2 weeks. I am curious if this is something that others have done, have I been living under a rock? I thought diet pills were not very good for you.
  2. Diet pills are not good for you, despite that a doctor did prescribe them to your friend. Since I don't know the specifics of your friend's case, I cannot say why the doctor would do this, but overall, diet and exercise are the only true way to healthy wt loss.
  3. Meridia is one such "diet drug" which is prescribed (as opposed to OTC); my MIL was prescribed it to help with the management of her Type II Diabetes. So just saying "diet pill" without any further specifics is not very enlightening.
  4. UK2ME, I am sorry. I did not realize that their were pills like this. I just called it a diet pill. But, I didnt mean to sound inconsiderate.:shame:I honestly dont know the name of the pill.
  5. Doctors can pretty much prescribe anything, and the scary part is alot of them do it pretty freely.
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    Oh, NicolesCloset, that's ok - I was not offended in anyway :nogood:

    "Diet Pill" just has such a particular connotation that when someone talks about them, I immediately think of things like phen-phen, which is obviously a completely different kettle of fish!
  7. Sure they can, but IMO no diet pills are really safe, otherwise wouldn't we all be thin (if we all wanted to be, of course)? I don't really know what diet pills are out there but I have seen the movie Requiem for a Dream one too many times, I guess.
  8. There are prescription medications that do not allow the body to absorb fats, rather, the fat passes through the body and is eliminated through waste. Alli is a less potent version of a prescription strength medication. However, if you don't change your eating habits along with the medication, it can have unpleasant side effects.
  9. I'm pretty sure that your friend's doctor also mentioned that she needs to exercise and eat healthy while she is taking whatever pill she's on. Diet pills alone will probably make you sick if you dont follow the rest of the eating/exercising plan.
  10. :tup:no prob UK. Thanks everyone for your input. I was curious, if anyone else had also had diet pills prescribed. Yes, my friend has to exercise too.
  11. there is no quick easy way to lose weight. Diet pills are just a circumvent whatever the real issues to over-eating are. IMO anyone who wishes to take diet pills should speak with a psychiatrist first, because you can't take diet pills forever, and if the habits are still the same as they were before they started taking the pills, they will most likely go back to the bad habits and re gain weight.
  12. We can't give an educated opinion without the name of the drug she's taking. Diet pills work like amphetamines, or speed. They help the person lose weight by speeding up their metabolism, and they do this by, in a way, playing with the body's "fight or flight" reaction. They tell the brain to tell the adrenal gland to secrete more adrenaline, among other hormones, thus speeding the heart rate, among other effects. Consequently, they can increase blood pressure and make the person nervous, anxious, irritable, constipated and unable to sleep. Worse still, they can cause seizures, strokes and even death. The worst is that because of their effect on the central nervous system and the adrenals, they tend to be habit forming and extremely difficult to quit without getting extremely ill. They can really mess up your chemistry.

    Your friend would benefit from doing some research on the Net. Most doctors no longer take the time to inform patients, though they charge more than ever to do just that.
  13. I would never prescribe diet pills :nogood: The only one I have recommended is Alli - because it has actually been evaluated by the FDA. All those ones on TV and online (Hydroxycut, Trimspa, etc) have not been evaluated by the FDA and are basically garbage.
  14. After discovering that I really had no metabolism my doctor prescribe phentomine (?) It is dangerous if it raises your blood pressure of I, too< had to go every two weeks to be checked. Fortunately my bloodpressure is normally so low the pills didn't effect me at all. I lost 15 pounds in three months, which is fantastic compared to what I could lose on diet alone!:tup:
  15. ^ I'm glad you lost some weight, but if you had no metabolism, you would be dead. :sad: How did you "discover" whatever it was that you were told? Did you go through all the tests? And what type of specialist prescribed this medication?