Can a date code pre-date the year the vernis colour came out?

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  1. My apologies if i've posted this is the wrong place. New to TPF and still trying to get the hang of it.

    I've seen a vernis alma on ebay and the seller says that the date code is TH0075. Its in bleu nuit. Don't know if im wrong but i understood that the 1st & 3rd numbers are the week and the 2nd & 4th numbers were for the year. In this case, 7th week of 2005 (i think!). Didnt bleu nuit come out last year so does that mean that the bag is a fake?
  2. i'm not sure either.why don't you authenticate it at Authenticate This forum maybe they can help you identify it.
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    bleu nuit would be fake.

    edit: I agree about authentication.
  4. Perhaps she got the 4th number wrong?
  5. One thing to keep in mind also is that some sellers are not into LV like we are so they may not be familiar with the colors and it can be difficult sometimes to discern the color on the pictures. I've seen a lot of Rouge Vernis items described as Pomme. I figure they probably look at the LV site and think their Rouge item is the same as the current Pomme color. But in this case, Vernis Almas were launched in 2008 and the only blues were Galactic Bleu & Bleu Nuit. What did they say in the authenticate thread?
  6. I've sent them the link and just waiting for a reply.
  7. Please post in the Authenticate This LV thread - thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.