Can a cobbler fix a CL heel?

  1. For the stilleto heel that would have satin or leather on one side and the trademark CL red on the other, is there a way that a cobbler can fix it if it got chewed up for whatever reason? (say an unfortunate accident with a sidewalk grate or something) Doesn't have to be perfect, but just look less like a dog just chewed on it.

    If so, anyone know of a cobbler talented enough to handle this task?
  2. I see you're in SF...I just had such a thing happen, but I was able to glue down the bit of leather that got "chewed up" by cobblestones, in my case. If/when it happens again, I will take them to Anthony's Shoe Service on Geary@Grant in Union Sq. Although I haven't used them before, they seem to know what they're doing, based on the reviews, and they've been around forever.
  3. If the eBay seller still refuses to take them back (as she failed to disclose the damages in the auction) and I can't get a refund with a PayPal claim, maybe I'll look into Anthony's Shoe Service and see what they can do for me. It's ivory patterned satin-ish material though with holes in it (where the hell did those come from??).
  4. Oh man that is terrible! You got them off e bay like that? If so you don't know how it happened, it could it have been chewed by a puppy. Sounds like puppy bites. I could see a pup doing that. My dog chewed a convertible top, I swear, it had to be replaced. She got on top of the car. I am really sorry about your shoes. Good luck!
  5. Well I will let you know. My pup chewed my denim colored Helmut:cursing:. I couldn't bear to part with them, so I took them today to Brooks Shoe Service here in Chicago. Mike says its not unusual and they can fix them. It will take 2 weeks but I will let you know how they turn out. My dog really did a number on the heel. Mike does the shoes for Barneys and Neimans here so hopefully he will get it done. I know he has some customers ship their shoes in so here is the website. If you send a pic he can tell you if he can help you.

    Good luck:sweatdrop:
  6. You can see my thread over in the eBay forum. At this point in time, even if I could get mine fixed, I'm so annoyed with the seller that I just want my money back. There are some cuts into the heel on the red side and holes on the fabric side so it's like "wtf happened to these???"

    shoegal, how badly damaged were yours? I'm taking pictures of mine tonight and maybe you girls can asses the damage and see if someone can fix them.
  7. I could see the base of the heel, clear through the leather to the bones of the heel. The black tip was missing as well. Lets just say he had a GREAT time. I will let you know how they turn out. Email your pics to Mike at Brooks, he can tell you if a reputable cobbler can salvage them.
  8. ^ Thanks. I'll see what PayPal says first about my claim. I shouldn't have to pay for repairs to a shoe that was displayed to me as perfect in an eBay listing! This sounds like a good backup plan though (aka last resort).

    The pictures of the damage are up at
  9. ^ beautiful shoes! It does look like a puppy chewed on them. :sad:
  10. The heels look exactly like puppy bites. Not sure how they managed such an odd wear pattern to th soles though. But let us know how eveything works out. What does the seller say???
  11. Oh, man that bites! See if you can resolve it through paypal. Good luck.
  12. After I hit send, I realized...there was no pun intended.
  13. ^ lol

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. ^ I actually LOST the claim. WTF? How the $@#&*()@#& can anyone think that the f'ed up seller actually truthfully represented these shoes?

    Ugh. I just emailed Mike though asking him if he can fix them. If anything, maybe I can still get a pair of shoes out of the deal.