Can a Coach Gift Card be used at the Outlet/Factory store??

  1. Another newbie question... can you use Coach gift cards at the Factory store/outlet? I saw a few on Craigslist and was thinking of buying one to use at the outlet (more savings!!). Is there a way of making sure the cards are authentic short of meeting the seller at a Coach store? Thanks in advance for your expert advice:biggrin:!!!
  2. Yes, you can use them at a Coach boutique, factory outlet store, or online at Not sure about your other question - I'd be leery of buying anything like that off CL - too easy to be scammed. :sad:
  3. yeah you should just take your cash and go to the outlet. avoid the middleman, and chance of being scammed
  4. I think it's fine if you take the extra precautions. People buy and sell gift cards on eBay all the time, and you can't even see them in person first! Sometimes people receive gift cards or merchandise credits that they don't plan to use and would rather get cash for it.

    My advice is to make sure that the card is a merchandise credit, rather than a gift card. The reason for this is because on the back of the merchandise credit, it says that the card can not be replaced if lost or stolen. Whereas with the gift card, you might be able to replace it if you provide the original receipt. Therefore the seller might sell you the card and then take the receipt to Coach for a replacement card and your card would then be invalid. There's a number on the back of the card where you can call and get the balance. So upon meeting with the seller, just make sure you dial the number and get that info. Also try to get them to provide you with the receipt for the merchandise credit, if possible. Some sellers are even willing to go with you to a Coach store the verify the balance. If it's a good amount of savings, I would say go for it! But just be safe and make sure you verify everything. Good luck!
  5. Like pp said, if it's good enough savings I would meet them and call the number to verify balance. The card can be used in either store.
  6. Yes, you sure can!!!
  7. I've bought a few merch credit off of CL without any problems- usually at about 40% off. I always insist on calling the # on the back of the card before giving them the cash. Also be sure the PIN isn't exposed (scratched off).
  8. I had a Coach gift card that I received from my AmEx rewards. That card was NOT valid at the Outlet. I verified it with the staff and it was printed on the back of the card something about being good only at Full Price stores. It was solid brown on the front.

    Just something to watch for!
  9. Can you use a gift card/ store credit on a phone order?
  10. I'm not sure about an order, but I've asked my outlet if I could use a merchandise credit to do a charge-hold over the phone and they told me no :shrugs: You can always call your store and ask though.
  11. I have a question to add to this post:

    I recently returned some items, without receipts because I got baby shower things from friends/family from Coach. (I know they didn't put receipts so I wouldn't return but who uses a bright red bag everyday???)

    I got a merchandise store credit on a card. It was returned under my name and what not. Would I be able to give it to my sister or something for her to use?

    Also, will it affect my credibility any with Coach for returning 3 items without a receipt? I've read up on here bout the 'letter' and what not....

    Thank you :smile:
  12. I'd like to know the same thing about the credibility part.

    Merchandise credit can be used by anyone- it doesn't matter whether or not they were the ones who received it. :smile:
  13. Thanks for all the info... I didn't end up buying a gift card before going to the outlet, but I think if it can be authenticated it is not such a bad idea.. you can get some pretty good deals on them sometimes.
  14. This also happened to my sister. She was not happy about it.