Can a Chanel purchased at BG be returned to a NM that sells Chanel?

  1. Don't PLAN on returning it, but in the event I needed to, is that possible? TIA
  2. I don't think so. I inquired once about chanel shoes and NM said they will take the package and send it to BG for you but they will charge you for the shipping.
  3. No, it would have to go back to BG.
  4. Thanks ladies. I gotta tell ya, NM is one of the most difficult stores to work with when it comes to CS. I mean, every little thing is SUCH a chore when it come to them where as Nordstrom is a breath of fresh air. *sigh* Sadly, NM orders the best of the selection (it seems) of Chanel bags. So, you're stuck HAVING to deal with them. Thanks again! ;)
  5. NM works for me, but I have an incredible SA. Don't get me wrong, there have been problems, but she always handles it.
  6. I too love the selection at NM but hate their CS. I only order from them if the bag I want is not available elsewhere.
  7. NM sucks for returns. They won't even take back their catalogue/internet orders after 30 days if it is sale (even though regular store sale purchases you can return whenever).
  8. Only shop there for Chanel Bags, and my SA is awesome! Otherwise ITA Nordstroms rocks!