Can a Canapa NOT have bag hooks?

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  1. I buy and sell very rarely because it is just for my own use, but I bought a used Prada Canapa off of Ebay a few years ago that did not come with a strap. (It's the one with "Prada" across the side.) I paid authentic prices for it, and although I am familiar with the brand, I normally buy Vitello Daino, so I am not as familiar with the Canapa.

    I sold it on Ebay for much less than I paid for it, and the buyer just sent me an email asking me why it does not have the hooks for the strap.

    My question is, did any of the Canapas not come with a strap and don't have hooks, or did I buy a fake in the first place? I have 100% positive feedback and don't want to sell someone a fake.

    Here are pics.

    Thank you! 213.jpg 393.jpg 432.jpg 454.jpg 456.jpg 474.jpg 543.jpg 765.jpg 876.jpg
  2. 20180223_125609544.jpg

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  3. To the best of my recollection, this collection has always been hand held, no straps. Hence, no strap hooks.