Can a bidder contact you through ebay even after auction is closed?

  1. I had 2 bags up for auction on eBay, and 3 days before the end of the auction, I closed both listings. I was trying to make revisions for shipping and eBay kept blocking me. In addition, I verified rates with Fedex and DHL for shipping from Manila to the US and it seems now there are a host of new INSANE rules (such as original receipt must be included when shipping designer handbag - customs dues will be based on price of original receipt, even though bag is used and buyer pays a lower price...etc.etc).

    Anyway, almost 24 hours AFTER I had already closed my auction I received an email from a "bidder" saying she had made an offer and I had counter-offered (I don't remember doing any such thing). She asked me if I closed my auction because I had been bothered by too many questions from those "Louis Vuitton fanatics" (I am guessing she meant TPF folks).

    I tried replying - only because I felt she was insinuating that my bag was not authentic:wtf: Honestly, I don't care how many people email me for more pictures - I will gladly provide!!!

    Anyway, I couldn't send my reply through eBay because according to the site I have "no relationship with the ebay member" and we were not "involved in any transaction".

    If I couldn't get in touch with her, how could she get in touch with me? I just found this a bit strange and unnerving. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. You can be contacted after an auction ends via contact member. If you did not get an offer tfrom that member, it could be some kind of scam, don't answer and if you do do not let htem know your email address, contact via ebay via contact member.
  3. It might have been a phishing email, especially since you don't remember an offer/counteroffer that she refers to. Did this email come through your Ebay messages (legit) or to your private email addy?
  4. Sounds like a scam to me. If you can't contact her through Ebay leave it. If she wants to get hold of you that badly she will. Those other rules about receipts sound a bit sketchy to me too.
  5. I think you can look at your old messages to see if there was an offer/counteroffer.
  6. Say what?! :wtf: Is that specific to the Philippines? Or the shipper? Or is that the new reality of international shipping? Yikes! (Sorry, I know this wasn't the main point of your post...)
  7. The email actually did come through my Ebay messages but I couldn't respond through them....
  8. I didn't really get any offers I would consider so I didn't counteroffer anyone at all.
  9. I have no idea, but this is for OUTGOING handbags which are coming into the US. It could be that the agents here are simply misunderstanding policies (my guess) but I didn't want to take the risk.

    Actually I am generally a calm, even-tempered person but my visit to DHL had my blood pressure rising. I wanted to confirm shipping rates for my bag and the agent says to me "what brand bag are you sending?" I tell him "YSL" He replies "they are really strict about fakes in the US. You can't send any fakes" which got me pretty offended:wtf::wtf::wtf: "I NEVER every buy, carry, sell or give away fake bags," I told him. So I asked "Why would you think I'm sending a fake???" He says, "well, there are lots of papers required - you have to show your original receipt.."etc etc etc. I asked "what if I am sending to my sister and the bag has already been used?" He says "well, there are just a lot of papers required."
    At this point I kind of gave up and pulled down my auction. What's the point in selling something on ebay if it'll cost the buyer less to buy a brand new one than to have a used (no matter how gently used) item shipped?