Can a Balenciaga HIP fit more items than a Chanel WOC?

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  1. I'm love the cute rock chic style of the hip but wonder if it's able to fit as much, more, or equal to the WOC? Anyone have both?

    Also is this season's Anthracite similar to Spring/Summer 2008's black? Remember that year's black that doesn't look very dark? I have that one.

  2. Bump!

    Just ordered a chanel woc and a bal hip. Haven't received either just but I'm interested as well
  3. I actually bought my Hip after returning 2 Chanel WOC's that were way too small for me. The Hip is PERFECTION! I can fit a small/medium wallet, my Kindle (minus the case), keys (house and car), iPhone, chapstick, and have room to spare. If I don't carry my Kindle, I can easily fit my large Tory Burch wallet without a problem.
  4. Ha I'm selling my hip as I type this... It's a great bag and quite spacious! I'm able to fit my Balenciaga continental wallet, keys and iPhone as well as a lipgloss!