Can a bag be slimming?

  1. There may already have been a thread on this but I did a search and couldn't find one.

    I've heard before that carrying a big can make you look slimmer. I guess the bigger the bag the smaller you are supposed to look in comparison??? :confused1:

    What are the thoughts on this? Is it true or just wishful thinking? ;)
  2. There's certain bags I own that make me look smaller in comparison. There are a couple too, that make me feel great when I carry them, so I probably have better posture and looker taller, and therefore a little slimmer! Or maybe it's just my imagination.
  3. I think just the opposite can happen.......wearing a "fanny pack" or "belt bag" can add tons of weight to you...a look that I would avoid at all costs. But as for slimming bags, I don't know how that can happen...
  4. I think it's all about proportion. Your bag should fit your body like clothes do. For example, if you have big hips, then you probably shouldn't wear tiny little short bags that stop way above your hip. A longer bag will elongate your body. And if you're little, then a giant bag will just make you look even smaller.
  5. I'm going along with the "if you feel good about what you wear, you'll look good too" theory. Because I would probably have to wear a GIANT handbag to have the slimming effect. But I know that a handbag can be too small or too big in proportion.
  6. A couple years ago, I read something on this topic (where it was I can't recall). The advice was to wear a bag that was opposite of your body shape. For example, if you are tall and thin, wear bigger bags and slouchier hobos. If you are a bit on the large size, go for a more tailored, streamlined look. The idea I think is that the contrast would be more flattering.
  7. I live by the rule that my bags should be as big or bigger than my butt. Sadly, I have some of the biggest bags ever made. :crybaby: :roflmfao:
  8. :roflmfao: That's hilarious! I'm sure you, and your bags, look great!
  9. I love those style books on how to dress, fashion design, etc. I've seen this concept in there before as well as use a bag that's in proporation to your body size.

    You also have the concept of vertical and horizontal lines. For example a bag that is longer than it is wide elongates the body while an E/W bag will shorten it.

    Where the bag ends will bring attention to that part of the body so if you have big hips wear a bag under the arm. If you have a big chest, wear a bag that hits at the hip.
  10. I'm not sure...but I saw a really amusing bag (plastic shopping tote) at a second-hand store that said, "Does this bag make my A$$ lokk big??" Loved it!!!
  11. Oh, God! That's too funny!!!
  12. Yes, I think it has to do both with the size and the shape of the bag if there is such a thing as slimming handbags.
  13. Definitely. I recently ordered a huge bag online -- a Hayden Harnett Nomade Hobo -- and IRL it is much bigger than I will ever need. It's a beautiful bag, but the best thing is that it makes me look small in comparison. It's a keeper!

  14. I have to say that my Dior saddlebag tends to make my belly look bigger to me.
  15. Well put!
    I am not a small person and there are certain bags that are just too short and they look terrible. Fanny packs and swing packs are just out. However some of the larger bags don't work either because they make me look dumpy. THe best for me are the bags that are longer strapped and sit at hip level (i.e, Balenciaga Brief, LV Lodge, Gucci Indy)
    How I envy the young and thin!:yes::yes: