CAMPING!! What shall I cook??

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  1. I'm so excited!! DF and I have never ever gone camping together, it's something I've always wanted to do because I grew up camping and he's only gone once. This Friday we'll be leaving for couples camping!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I'm really excited, however this is my first time camping without my family so I need some help. Usually my Mom does all the cooking, so this time I'm kinda clueless!! What should I cook?? I got to figure our dinner for Friday. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Saturday, and breakfast and lunch for Sunday. Plus all the snacking in between!! :confused1:

    We have BBQ chicken and ribs down as a meal (or two), what else can I bring?? I'd like to think of other things though, like carbs?? I'm so clueless on what else to cook, any advice, suggestions, or RECIPES for a meal or snacks would be so helpful!! (Oh how recipes would help so much, or even photos!!) Thanks so much ladies and gents!!:flowers:
  2. Pasta is always good. You can try bringing one of those bags of sauce or powdered depending on whether you're carrying this on your back or on a car.

    I also love those powdered soups (esp potato soup) that you just add water and cook.
  3. I have only one suggestion and when I do this it's ALWAYS a hit!!! Buy some of those LARGE baking potatoes (each should be about 1 big serving depending on the eaters.) Anyway, wash them and cut them into 1in. bite sized pieces, then chop up some green or red peppers and white onion (all in good bite sized slices.) Do ahead and put this all into a Lg. plastic ziplock bag together. Take with you foil (ofcourse) some garlic salt & a stick of better.

    Tear pieces of foil the width of the foil and about 12in. long, then put a mixture of the potatoes, peppers & onion onto the foil in a pile. Add about 2-3 pats of butter and sprinkle (to taste) with the garlic salt & some pepper. Wrap the foil around the concoction kinda like a burrito and cook them on the grill. The onions, potatoes & onions will cook and soften and along with the REAL butter and garlic salt & pepper you can't go wrong!! I know it sounds like alot of work, but if you have the potatoes, onion & pepper already chopped and bagged it's just a matter of the wrapping & seasoning in the foil!!!

    I always have my friends & family coming back for more!!! YUM!!!
  4. Also, you can do something that is very similiar with hamburger, potatoes & carrots, and that is called CAMPER STEW!!! Maybe google Camper stew and see what you come up with. I know my mom used to make it, but that when i was young so I don't want to try and quote a recipe!!!
  5. Are you cooking over a fire or stove?
  6. i grew up camping too! i havent gotten to drag my bf to go with me yet.

    are u tenting it or do u have a camper? that changes things.
  7. all i can think about when camping is SMORES!!! yummmmyyyyyyy

    if you are able to get your hands on a dutch oven, you can make a mean cherry cobbler in it.

    i haven't camped in ages so i can't quite remember what we all used to make, but i remember lots of hot dogs and potatoes lol
  8. You can bring some corn on the cob to cook with your BBQ chicken and ribs.

    Watermelon is always a good snack that you can easily cut up there.

    Eggs, bacon or sausage for breakfast sounds yummy!
  9. I was going to suggest this too! I use Smart Balance instead of butter though.
    Keep it simple and rustic - hot dogs and beans are always a fun camping choice.
    Don't forget a bottle (or 2) of wine and a wine opener - bring a cooler and some ice packs.

    Have fun with Rey!

  10. Thanks for your ideas everyone. Were sleeping in a tent although were got the world biggest van (think Jon and Kate Plus 8, LOL) we can cook over the range were bringing but we can also cook over the fire.

    I never tried a stew before, I may have to try it. Where do you buy the powered soups??Trader Joes?? I also love the potato idea, I do mine a wee bit differnt but same basic idea!! However, at home I do mine in the oven, the whole foil concoction do he same big as baking?? And thanks for the corn idea!! And yes, we'll bring the wine and wine openers for sure!! I like the eggs and sausage idea for breakfast too!! Omg, I'm getting so excited!! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions so far!! And yea Jeneen, I hope we have a lot of fun!!
  11. ^ I forgot to mention to bring extra TP, if you are going to be drinking a lot of wine! LOL
  12. Hot dogs are always easy. We used to put them on the end of a stick and roast them in the fire! :P

    For sides, you could do grilled corn on the cob and baked beans. And of course, I second the suggestion for S'MORES! :drool:
  13. OOooH how exciting!! I went camping recently for food we ate Burgers, Hot dogs, fish, SMORES!, for breakfast we had cereal, oatmeal, or eggs. For snacks you can take fruits, pickles, and trail mix. Also make sure to take a lot of water, if you can you should freeze it so it's cold for a while. Hope this helps!! ;)
  14. One of our past favorites is "Hobo Dinner".

    Basically, you make a low dish with raised edges with tin foil and you just put burger, diced potatoes, onions, diced carrots and canned corn in there (and you can figure out how many to make of these because usually you put enough for two people in this whole mix for each pan that you make). Then you add just a teeny tiny bit of extra cooking oil or olive oil to this whole thing and put on the seasonings of your choice, because you don't want it to be too fancy schmancy. Then you wrap this dish that you made out of tin foil with another bigger piece of foil to seal in all the steam and juices because you are going to cook these at the edge of your campfire or on top of the grate if you have one for about 45 minutes. This gives you enough time for a beer beside the fire. Then it's done! And you can eat right out of the pan if you are really primitive or whatever because it's a one-pot meal.

    Really simple and delicous out there in the wilderness!!!!!
  15. i assumed u guys are cooking over a fire and/or bbqing :smile:

    Beer Can Chicken
    1 whole chicken
    1 beer of your choice (drink about half first)
    olive oil
    dried herbs of your choice (i like poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic powder and italian)

    rub the chicken with the herbs and oil inside and out. place it over the beer can and put in skillet or pan (a cheapie pan is fine). cook over medium heat with the grill cover closed for about 1 1/4hrs.

    Fish packets (for less of a better term)
    fish of choice
    lemon slices
    dijon mustard

    wrap it up the same as the potatoes (in packets) and grill or put over the campfire

    Teryaki Burgers
    1/2lb ground beef
    1 onion
    1 red pepper
    teryaki sauce (i love soy vey)

    sautee the onion & pepper until translucent & tender. let cool. mix the beef, sauteed veggies, salt, pepper, and garlic powder together then form burgers.
    you can mix everything before you leave so that it all marinates well.

    Other ideas without recipies...
    Grilled PB&J - the name says it all!
    sausage & peppers
    pesto pasta salad w/ mozzarella, tomatoes & chicken
    paula dean's version of smores - marshmallow sandwiched between two choco chip cookies!