CAMPEGGIOS - are they too big????

  1. i've been eyeing a few campeggios on eBay, but not sure if they're practical for everyday use. i tried one on at macys and it seemed HUGE. i'm about 5'6" and avg. weight. i don't go to school anymore, so this would be more of an everyday bag. please give me your opinions ladies....
  2. thx jenryalee! i just created the avatar last night! :yes:

    i already have a stellina, but the only citta rosa i can find (that's a decent size) is a campeggio. i want something like an everyday purse and i guess i was just wondering what everyone uses their campeggio for.
  3. IMO Campeggios are little big for an everyday purse. I have a Playground Campeggio that I have used as a carry-on for vacations, which is perfect for me. It would just be way too big for me for everyday use though...:shrugs:
  4. I love big bags, and I dont think its too big for an everyday bag (I'm 5'3 and kinda twiggy) BUT I cant get over the thought that it looks like a diaper bag on me.
  5. I use a stellina for everyday, and only use my campeggio as a carry-on, or when I'm going someplace (like the zoo, amusement park, etc) where I need to bring lots of stuff for the kiddos (snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, etc.). It's pretty huge for an everyday bag. I actually like the corrierre better for a big everyday bag, it seems to hug your body better and not be as bulky as the campeggio.
  6. hey ecny where did you find that decent citta rosa campeggio?
  7. i found 3 of them on eBay. i don't think they've been authenticated yet though.
  8. The Campeggio is my very FAVORITE style EVER! And I definitely use them as everyday bags!

    However, I do NOT wear them as messenger bags.
    Instead, I make the strap as SHORT as possible, and wear it as a slouchy HOBO on my shoulder! I LOVE IT!!!!!:tup:
  9. I have a Pirata Cucciolo that I use everyday to take my radio and assorted cables and remote and ipod/satellite radio plus lunch and snacks for work. Sometimes I use it for my second job on the weekends when I go "spy" on movie theatres, and I take my notebook and pens and other papers, book/magazines, water and snacks. I dont think it is too large for me, and it still has room.
  10. "spy" on movie theatres? sounds like a great job! :lol:

    i think i will get a campeggio, i'm just waiting on the seller to reply back to me! i can always use it for when i stay over my parents or as a small carry-on if i ever go on vacations! :yes:
  11. I def. use campeggios as everyday bags and I don't think they're too big at all - and this is coming from someone short!
  12. i didn't think i'd every purchase a campeggio, but since inferno is my favorite i had to try it out! it's adorable! i also freaked out cause it shows so much print!!! it's definitely an everyday bag when you've got more than your usual to carry.
  13. i've been using my campeggio for the past week...and it works out pretty well going from work to work. i don't put too much in it so it not too heavy. mostly just snacks for work.
  14. campeggio doesnt look big on me (i'm shorter than u) but it can fit a lot. If you dont mind carrying little stuff in a big bag then it shouldnt be a problem to get campeggio as everyday bag.