Campeggio VS. Corriere?

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  1. Does anybody have any reference pics of a Campeggio versus a Corriere? Preferably while being worn and with something in the picture for size reference, like a portatelefono or a DS or something.

    Owners of both... which do you prefer and for what? Anybody use them for their main purse? What do you carry in them? And finally which is more comfortable and allows you the easiest access to your stuff?

    Thanks guys! :heart:
  2. Ha, just got my first Corriere today.:graucho: Here are some pics of it right next to my Campeggio. I plan to use the Corriere for travel abroad in November. It's a BIG bag like the Campeggio. Personally, both are too big for me to use as main purse. But they are both easy to access.

    DSC03606.JPG DSC03607.JPG DSC03608.JPG
  3. Awesomeness! That was very, very helpful, thanks! :heart:

    *wanders off to think*
  4. I think the Campeggio is way bigger than the Corriere. For me the Campeggio is too large to use as a purse - I use mine as diaper bags or tote bags for work. I do use my Corriere as a purse though, so it depends on what you want to use it for.
  5. Oh man, yet another style bag in the new prints that is available... just not on the mainland USA. :crybaby:
  6. I have both styles and use them for different things. I'm a size 16 so I can get away with a campeggio as a purse and love the extra space in it. I do kind of push the purse down in the middle and usually put in a full water bottle because it looks better with something heavy in it in my opinion. The corriere is just not my style as an everyday purse but love love love it for daytrips. It is my first bag of choice when I go to an all day event where I want to have hands free. The pocket is nice for my cell phone but my phone actually is a squeeze. The corriere is roomy but not really big. A sweatshirt could fit but would really buldge the bag out quite a bit making it stick out a bit funny. The campeggio can be worn over either shoulder but the corriere really has to be over the left side do to the placement of cell phone holder. It took me a few wearings to get used to this because I like my bags on my right shoulder but now it doesn't bother me at all.
  7. i love campeggios! but i didn't realize they'd be so HUGE. so it's not a great everyday bag. i'm using a corriere now, which i love! and it's just the right size, but i did have to skim out a few things when transferring all my junk from the campeggio to the corriere.
  8. hwaaa...where'dya get the transpoto corriere angelic*ruin? I've been wanting a corriere, but just can't seem to find a place that sells them in the print that i like
  9. I ahve both. As an everyday bag when I don't ahve to carry alot around town I like the corriere. When you factor in that i work with lots of paper and carry them around a lot then I use campeggio for that.

    The transporto corriere is only available to those of us in Hawaii and Guam.

  10. I have both, and the Campeggio is bigger than the Corriere and also fits more. I've used both of them for toting my stuff to work. As far as easy access, I really like the Corriere--when you open up the top zipper, everything is easily accessible and visible, while with the Campeggio, you have to dig at the bottom of the bag a bit. I agree with others that the cell phone pocket on the strap is too small--a lot of phones don't fit into it. The Campeggio has a flatter profile when full of stuff, and the Corriere tends to bulge and stick out from the body a bit. I think of the Corriere as more of a purse and the Campeggio as more of a work/travel bag.
    Here is a pic of my Corriere and a couple of modeling shots. For reference, I am 5'6", size 8.
    ParadisoCorriere.jpg corriere_1.jpg corriere_2.jpg
  11. Yes, mine is from the Hawaii Boutique. It's awesome! I love it so much!!! I'm actually thinking of getting my mom a Notte Corriere for her b-day next month. She has a Citta Campeggio I bought for her last b-day and she loves it. I think she'd really like the Notte Corriere because she could use it for work or vacation and she carries a lot of stuff around every day.

    For me the Corriere is too big for everyday, but I think it will be a perfect travel bag to carry all my personal goodies to keep me entertained for the transatlantic flight in November. Plus, across my shoulder it will be hands-free...always nice when hauling luggage and traveling.
  12. You know, I think I'm softening up to corrieres. When I first saw one, I thought, ew, that's just yucky. Now that I'm seeing it again, I *might* consider one... It looks awfully cute on the ladies here who've posed with one...
  13. aww...lucky people in Hawaii and Guam. Anyone know if the boutiques charge send to the mainland? *really hoping to get a transpoto corriere too*
  14. i just called ala moana lss yesterday, they quoted a charge of $13.95 (or was it $13.50?) to ship a mamma mia to the mainland. i would assume it would be the same for a corriere?