Campeggio versus Stellina Photo

  1. I just recently received my first Campeggio and was suprised at the size difference between it and my Stellina. I thought I would post a photo that shows size comparison. They both have the strap adjusted to the longest length possible.

    For reference I am 5'6" and a size 16.

    The Campeggio is the larger bag on the left side of the photo and the Stellina is the smaller bag on the right side of the photo. I am wearing them cross body in the photo which is how I normally would wear this style of bag.

  2. Wow, which is which? (n00b moment, I know) The one on your right looks a bit off being that high up on the hip. I'd be inclined to wear it off the shoulder and not across, so it would sit at around the same place.
  3. @vikitty: the bag on the right is a stellina (the smaller one) and the left is a campeggio

    @greenbird: thanks for the pics! it was just what i was looking for. I still want to get a stellina but now that i see that it might not be such a good fit when worn cross body, i'm having second thoughts :sad: i was hoping to be able to get a inferno corriere from seattle but i lost out :sad: guess i'll try to call SH or just hope and pray to the tokigods that they do an inerno reprint next year...
  4. The Campeggio is on the left and the Stellina is on the right. The Stellina does look better on the shoulder than cross body on me. But I love the convenience of being able to put it cross body and not worrying about it moving around, falling off my shoulder, etc. I wear my Stellina both ways. I just got the Campeggio today and haven't used it yet and don't think I will as a purse as it is a bit too big for me, but I still LOVE it!!
    I find that the older I get I don't worry too much about looks. :shame:
  5. Psh you shouldn't have to anyway; you look so cute! :supacool:

    Crossbody is how I normally wear my messenger bags, but for handbags I still try and find one with a big enough strap that I can wear them under my arm. I know I'd be the type to leave a bag somewhere and walk off without it... :p
  6. Vikitty, what does your sig in japanese say? It looks to me like it says 'tokidoki' in katakana... but I can't read the rest, lol.
  7. It says "TOKIDOKI daisuki!"
  8. GreenBird: I'm about your size and also thought the Campeggio might be too big for an everyday purse. When I put my stuff into it, the extra weight made it do the nicest slouchy (sp?) thing, making the bag look less square in shape and more comforable. The campeggio turned out to be my favorite everyday bag, even thought a lot of the bag goes empty. Give it a try and good luck!
  9. Yeah, I like how the campeggio has that slouchy effect when you put stuff into it. I wish I had the chance to use mine more often. I really don't like the stellina much it looks too boxy to me.
  10. I reluctantly took out my campeggio this weekend and was I ever surprised. While it is a very large bag it does not feel bulky or too big to use as a purse as I had assumed it would be. After wearing it crossbody I don't even want to use my Stellina's crossbody at all anymore. The campeggio will be my first bag of choice when I want a crossbody bag. I just ordered my second campeggio in the new trasporto print from the Lesportsac store! I'm so excited! What a great bag!!!

    Thanks for the great tip!