Campeggio Questions

  1. I recently got my Campeggios, and was wondering if it would be weird to use them as purses. I normally carry small bags, but I want to get a lot of use out of these, and I don't really need another small bag instead, to be honest. Anyone else use them as purses, or do you opt for something else?
    Anyone else have more than one Campeggio? I REALLY like both, and can't imagine sending one back, but I want to make sure and get use out of them. TIA!
  2. I love mine but still have yet to find a chance to carry them out :p but i'm planning to carry it for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong...i believe its a great size for travelling..can chuck the water bottle and stuff all in..lolx
  3. id just use the handbag to go out... and probably the capeggio for trips/school
  4. I just got my first one (thanks LVixen!) and am planning to use it for school :smile: A stellina is much closer to the size I prefer for purses.
  5. I use mine as a purse. I carry so much junk its ridiculous. I mainly like it because of all the pockets. Kinda keeps me organized. However, I still manage to lose my keys in it :graucho:
  6. i havent use the campeggio yet, though i bought that for school. I dont think i would use it as a purse because i think its too big for me to lug around even though i carry a lot of stuff :lol: ..thats why i got my zucca for that..other times i use my stellina

    tokixtina: why not use your carabiner to hook your keys :graucho:
  7. I use it as a diaper bag for my two boys. It holds a good amount.

  8. HAHA! I am a reach and grab wiht out looking person...Knowing me I would forget that its on that hook and pull and pull.
  9. oh hahaha :lol: hmm i guess keep it in your pockets then?? lol
  10. i use it as my everyday bag i carry ALOT of stuff i love it the stellina was a lil too small for me so
  11. lol i never use the carabiner.. always one of the front pockets :smile:
  12. I use my Campeggio Inferno as a purse everyday. I can fit my organizer, full make-up bag and even a bottle of water in there perfectly- I use the two front pockets for my keys and cell phone and i never have to look for them.:tup:
  13. I am used to carrying larger bags so the campeggio is perfecto! I've packed my Campeggio Paradiso as my Emergency Go Bag and I can fit so many different supplies in it!
  14. would it make a good school bag? College?
  15. ^I'm hoping it's a good bag for college, because that's what I bought it for in the first place.:hrmm: But based on the measurements of it, it should be alright...