"Campeggio" Messenger Bag and Laptop?

  1. I was thinking about picking up the "Campeggio" style bag to carry my laptop (15in. apple macbook) along with a couple of notebooks etc. But I wasn't sure it it would be too tight of a fit. Anyone have any ideas on how/if this would work?

  2. I have a 13" macbook and it just barely fits in my campeggio. The campeggio is 13"H x 14"W, but the zipper opening is only 11", so you have to put the laptop in sideways (the long side vertically), and there's not much room left to zip it even with a 13" macbook. I doubt a 15" macbook would fit in a campeggio -- a cucciolo or trenino would be better if you can find the print you want. (I use my trenino as a laptop bag.)

    Or maybe try a BV? I don't have a BV or I'd test it for you, but the dimensions on them are 10" x 16" and I assume the zipper is a lot wider than a campeggio.
  3. Thanks ladies, I'll check out the cucciolo or trenino. I'm so glad you let me know, I really thought it would fit! lol, It's a good thing I asked. :smile: