Campeggio and Stellina as a baby bag.....

  1. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone has used the Campeggio or Stellina as a baby bag. I currently have a Transporto Cucciolo, and it's just too big for quick trips. Since I've never seen either bags in person so I was trying to get a feel for their sizes to use as a smaller baby bag (2 bottles, a few diapers and wipes).

  2. The Stellina seems a little small for a baby bag, but it does sound like it would fit what you listed. I usually fit my camera bag and check book and other similar sized things on one half, and my Nalgene bottle on the other half, if that gives you an idea... A Campeggio would definitely fit the items you listed, with plenty of space to spare. It sounds like what would be perfect for you is a size in between Stellina and Campeggio!
  3. i think the stellina is too small too. campeggio is better.
  4. I have two little kids and I use a campeggio almost every day. I think the stellina (it's about 9 x 9 x 4 1/2) is too small though as another poster said, it would fit the items you mentioned. I am sort of biased in favor of big bags, though.
  5. i'd actually suggest a corriere. it's sort of in between. the campeggio seems too big for what you need, and the stellina too small.
  6. Yeah, Stellinas are very small. I think someone on here uses a BV are her diaper bag, so that might be something to consider, too. :shrugs:
  7. I have a toddler and so far the best bag is Campeggio, Stellina is just big enough for my personal stuff, so I use it on very short trips.
  8. I agree with the campeggio. I have a 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old. The outside pockets are perfect for bottles! Plus I use it across the body for handsfree ease!
  9. the campeggio also fits perfectly on my stroller too, beside it holds lots and you can use it as a cross body bag/ shoulderbag, whatever you like, go for campeggio, i just got mine (Vacanze) yesterday. i really love it alot. I HAVE 16 MONTHS old baby girl
    good luck
  10. The stellina is really purse-sized, and not even a large purse. The campeggio is perfect, and is the same size as the baby bag I used for both my kids (who, sadly, were born before tokidoki came into my life). And if you get a trasporto one you can use the changing mat from your cucciolo with it. Also, someone suggested a corrierre, which is in between the stellina and campeggio in size, with a cross-body strap, although no pockets. The BV is also a good size, and has the mesh pockets for bottles or sippy cups, but I always prefered a cross-body strap when carrying bambinos.
  11. Ooo I never thought to get the Trasporto Campeggio so my changing mat can still be used. Since you suggested that I'm assuming it'll fit.

    Thanks for all the input everyone!