Campana vs Bella

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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone have both styles? Which do you prefer and why? Do both fit the same amount of stuff? I like both but cannot decide which to get!

  2. I had a small Campana, but I let it go as I didn't enyoy it - too bulky under the arm, yet not enough room for my usual stuff. Somehow it didn't seem as soft as my other BV's - maybe I was not patient enough with it.

    Recently I got my first Bella bag, pre-loved. And I love it! It fits better, has more room, and even though it also has the magnetic closure thing, it just seems better/safer.

    In conclusion: I like the Bella better. In fairness, though, I should mention, that the Campana was a white/grey color which I always felt I had to be careful with, whereas the Bella is red, and therefore not as delicate. But while I would love another Bella, I am not getting a small Campana again, even as it is awfully pretty to look at....
  3. both bags come in two sizes. I would say the medium Campana is closest in size to the larger Bella. But because the Bella is deeper it can hold more. I found the medium Campana smallish on my frame whereas the the large Bella is perfect.

    The large Campana is quite large. Holds as much as a medium Cabat.

    The only issue I hear with the Campana is the straps falling. And even though the Bella has two straps the construction of the bag leads to them staying put.

    Both styles have been around for a long time. I think the Campana was more popular until recently.

    If I think about the BVettes that have either style, I think it's really even. I would do a search on Bella and Campana and read the pros and cons of each.
  4. Thanks, I did a search earlier. I remember an older thread comparing both styles but I couldn't find it anymore. Was just wondering if anyone had tried both styles and which they would prefer :smile: still so torn between both but I think I am leaning slightly towards the Bella..
  5. I think this is where you will need to try on both to really know and have peace of mind. Have you had an opportunity to do this yet? If you're like me and don't live near a boutique, perhaps you can get each on consignment? My SA is far too accommodating in that way. [emoji4]

    Personally, I fell in love with the campana from the word hello. But when I finally had the opportunity to try in person, I didn't love it. The smaller size seemed too small and the larger too large. The biggest issue for me was the second strap wouldn't stay put. That's a deal killer for me.

    The Bella holds the right amount and I've never had an issue with straps. It's not my favorite BV, but I like it better than the campana.

    GL and keep us posted!
  6. Well this is only a one-sided review bc I personally have never seen or tried on the bella, but I absolutely LOVE the large campana. It does seem very large before it is broken-in and drapey, but it's an amazing bag. I never had a problem w the straps; just cross the outer strap over the inner strap and they stay put easily (does that make sense?). I also love that I can drop the outer strap down and fish thru the bag easily to find what i want without letting the bag off my shoulder, then pop that strap back up, and go!
    Once it's broken-in it doesn't seem so huge. For reference, I'm only 5'4", 120 lbs and I think it's a perfect size!

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  7. I purchased a Campana several years ago after seeing so many pictures of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark carrying hers. However, I sold it soon after. I didn't like how it gaped open unless you used the little strap to cinch it back in. The little strap was in my way. I think the Bella bag is a great tote and have both sizes and love both. Lightweight, easy to grab and go. Since BV has screwed up the Veneta, the Bella is the only bag I really like at the moment.
  8. Since I'm new here, would you mind explaining the changes that BV made to the Veneta? I've been thinking of buying one. Thank you.
  9. Thank you very much. Very interesting.
  10. Thanks ladies, I got the Bella!! Can't wait to use it :smile:
  11. Ooooh! What color?! I hope you'll do a reveal,
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